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Is Delhi better than Mumbai

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  • Submitted: 06/09/2009
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Is Delhi Better Than Mumbai

Mumbai and Delhi, both, are very well known metropolitan cities in India. New Delhi is the capital of India while Mumbai is the financial capital of India. Both of these cities share a lot in common and each have their advantages and drawbacks to live in.

New Delhi, the capital of India is a very busy city being the largest city. It has a smaller population compared to Mumbai even though it has greater area. The infrastructure of New Delhi is the best in India which allows it to host The Commonwealth Games in 2010. It has a better travel network in the form of a metro which is well connected to all the parts of the city. It has a much lower population density compared to that of Mumbai and hence it much greener and has many open spaces. New Delhi is also the city which has the top prosperity index in India. It has more hotels than that of Mumbai and the real estate prices are much lower. There is transport for all walks of life and as Delhi has a lower population it also has a much

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