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Is Delhi better than Mumbai

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Is Delhi Better Than Mumbai Mumbai and Delhi, both, are very well known metropolitan cities in India. New Delhi is the capital of India while Mumbai is the financial capital of India. Both of these cities share a lot in common and each have their advantages and drawbacks to live in. New Delhi, the capital of India is a very busy city being the largest city. It has a smaller population compared to Mumbai even though it has greater area. The infrastructure of New Delhi is the best in India which allows it to host The Commonwealth Games in 2010. It has a better travel network in the form of a metro which is well connected to all the parts of the city. It has a much lower population density compared to that of Mumbai and hence it much greener and has many open spaces. New Delhi is also the city which has the top prosperity index in India. ...read more.


Mumbai has produced great actors, actresses and cricketers. Mumbai has an active nightlife for youths as it is much safer as compared to Delhi. It is also very safe for women as they can walk on the road alone at night. Biraaj, a student from my class says, "Mumbai is way better than Delhi as it is safer for girls, there is not much discrimination over gender and people are much friendlier." In general, people are much more helpful and cooperative in Mumbai. "A house is made a home by the people living in it and not by the beautiful walls inside" says Rabindranath Tagore which is true as Mumbai might not have the metro and other such facilities but people are much more friendlier than that of Delhi. All the stock exchanges are located in Mumbai such as the Sensex and Nifty which is the economy of India as a whole. ...read more.


The temperature is quite predictable which makes it easier for the citizens living there. The monsoons come in with enough rain for the farmers to grow enough crops for the full country. Mumbai is located less than 150 kms away from hill stations such as Loonavla and other small towns such as Pune and Aamby Valley City which are beautiful places to visit for a weekend and are very relaxing with various facilities. Cities like New Delhi do not have many good hill stations so close to them with such good facilities. According to me, Mumbai is a much better city to live in than Delhi even though Delhi has better infrastructure and is the capital of India because of the various different kind of entertainment facilities, very nice and fun loving people, and zest for life, cultural richness, and safety and due to the holiday destinations close to Mumbai. Delhi might be technologically more advance but people in Mumbai are really nice and cooperative and not very political. ...read more.

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