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Is Eddie Carbone a Tragic Hero?

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Is Eddie Carbone a Tragic Hero? Does the acts that led to Eddie's death and reflect on his performance and criticize whether he was a tragic hero? "A tragic hero is one who is neither villainous nor exceptionally virtuous, moving from happiness to misery through some frailty error in judgement" By Aristotle. The play a view from the bridge is one of the greatest masterpieces by Arthur Miller; it is a compelling and exciting drama, an example of a Greek tragedy (the main character dies on the fatal floor). Arthur Miller based the play in the late 1950s About a Sicilian longshoreman named Eddie who lives with his wife and niece in Brooklyn, New York. Eddie Carbone is a good family man who is respected in his community. He was as good a man as he had to be in a life that was hard and even. We can surmise Eddie's intentions from the opening chapter of the play in which, Eddie's Character is portrayed in a happy fatherly way. The first dialogue of Catherine after Eddie comes from work is "Hi Eddie" this reveals the respect she has for Eddie and portrays the father-daughter relationship between them. ...read more.


Arthur Miller used Alfieri a lawyer who also participates in the play and also narrates the chorus to the audience. Which is rather strange? This shows his obsessive need to control her He takes advantage of his role and abilities to protect Catherine from other men After Eddie comes home from work Catherine tells her about her new job as a stenographer, he tells her she can't have the job as a stenographer he says ''why didn't you ask me before you took a job?'' this shows that he wants Catherine to ask for his permission before accepting the job. to protect her from other men ogling her. Eddie sees Catherine as an attractive person that he does not want her going out or wearing revealing clothes this is shown when he says "I think it's too short" and he didn't like the way she walked "now don't aggravate me Katie you are walkin wavy" he probably didn't like the way she walked because it probably got inappropriate attention. He protects Catherine from other men because he doesn't want her to be happy with other men because in a way he thought Catherine was his. ...read more.


After everything fails he reports Rodolpho and Marco to immigration, which leads to Marco killing him. To conclude this I think Eddie Carbone was a tragic hero because as the Greek philosopher stated "A tragic hero was one who moves from happiness to misery through some frailty or error in judgement." Eddie was a good, hardworking and a respected man. His frailty is shown in his obsessive need to control his niece and his love affection for her. Things like this are bound to happen especially when you living without children of your own. His love affection for Catherine was also a natural thing because Eddie's relationship with his wife was not working this because Catherine was doing all things that Beatrice was meant to do for her husband and they also haven't had sex in long time. Overall I think that many things motivate Eddie but the most important thing is his secret desire for Catherine but he could never come to terms with the fact that he did not own her. I think this is also the error in his judgement and why he eventually died because he could not let go. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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