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Is George a good friend to Lennie in Of Mice And Men

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Is George a good friend to Lennie Of Mice And Men is a thrilling novel about two men embarking on a lifelong journey, slowly trying to obtain the American Dream. They find themselves on the run, now that they are outlaws they must find a source of money and some way of obtaining the American Dream. What starts of to be two men running from the law develops into a deep friendship that will guide them into a world adventure, fear and companionship. Lennie is a large mentally challenged individual, he lacks the ability to remember things that are not related to his own wants and needs. He is fixated on the feel of animals fur and will go to almost any length to feel it. George is an uptight guy that must look after Lennie, he knows all the must knows, and has a detailed plan set out in his mind. George is the responsible one me must take full responsibility for Lennie and must look after him all of the time. Lennie in basic terms is a large child; he is gripped with small and insignificant objects like mice. There is a parent child relationship, George being the parent and Lennie being the child. George becomes very frustrated wit Lennie sometimes and can lash out at him and get very angry with him. ...read more.


He must try to keep Lennie and himself in the shadows and play no role in the act that is ranch life. They must work sleep and eat and that is all no other side bets, they can't afford to be sacked, he must take full responsibility and must try to survive as long as they can, get on the good side of people and things will be fine. The boss seems to be angry or suspicious that something is wrong and that the pair of them are trying to fool him "Why you trying to put over?" "-What you sellin'?" During this time George defends Lennie quite strongly, for the job and the fact that he feels close to Lennie and doesn't want any harm to come to him. The boss must be a lonely man; not entirely by the way that his son acts but by the fact that he cant understands why anyone would go so far for another someone. He can't see how strong the friendship is between them both and thinks that George is taking Lennie's wages. "Well I never seen one guy take so much trouble for another guy." The boss doesn't care about friendship or camaraderie; his only interest is the flow of money into his wallet. ...read more.


Neither George nor Lennie is threatened by slim. Carlson is also a kind guy towards George "glad ta Meet Ya' ". Although he is not so sympathetic towards the dog he is offering to put the dog down, despite trying to gently argue his way out of it he must eventually comply. On the ranch you have to be a though guy or be respected. You cant argue your way out of it, you just have to bite the bullet and try to keep up your reputation and earn some money, every day is like a small battle. In conclusion, I think that George is a good friend to Lennie, an unorthodox friend maybe, but a friend none the less. They both keep each other sane and make each other keep on fighting. George offers the plans, the ideas and the practical solution to the problems that they must face, without George, Lennie would be lost. Lennie provides a reason for George's existence, Lennie provides a service to George, he does what he asks most of the time and also can take the force of Georges stress and anger. Without Lennie, George would have lost his will to live. Both of them need each other to survive they depend on each other's skills and personalities to move on. Although Lennie Is a burden to George he loves the fact that they are together in this. Callum O'Connor 10A ...read more.

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