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Is it justified to kill in war for self survival?

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Point The author believes that soldiers are fully justified to kill in war to ensure self survival, as well as to safeguard his comrades in war, loved ones at home and everything else he is fighting for. Evaluate I agree with the author's point of view as he supports killing in the name of defense and not just to satisfy a desire to kill. Even though killing is deemed as immoral by many in the world, it is only logical, practical and necessary to do so in the situation of war. Elaborate In war, the aim of the enemy is to kill you and if you do not protect yourself by killing the enemy before he strikes, it is equal to you waiting for an inevitable death. Even though the author's argument on why it is important for soldiers to ensure his own survival, which is that "Every soldier should remember that his life holds importance to others as well. Every soldier goes to war leaving fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, wives and children behind. These family members hope and pray that their soldier will come home safely" is flawed since it can also be the very reason why an enemy should not have his life stripped away from him either, his argument is valid. ...read more.


Evaluate I agree with the author's stand as in the situation of war, all acts committed by both sides are fair as no one is willing to be responsible for the harm they have done unto their enemy. Therefore, killing is justified for the soldiers in war where they face the equal threat of being attacked by their enemy. Elaborate In war, it is a harsh and cruel game of survival where it is either you or your enemy who perishes. Killing though on the moral basis is wrong, but an act of killing committed out of desperation is considered justifiable. Our lives are all precious but are we that willing to not pull the trigger on our enemy simply because our moral belief tells us it is wrong to kill? Our survival instinct would likely overrule the possibility of us being so noble to sacrifice our own life just to not kill someone who likely does not even bother about our life. Logically, we are deemed right to kill the enemy as they do not value our life. Hence, the right thing to do is to sacrifice your enemy instead of yourself. ...read more.


The likely choice would be to respond to him with an eye for an eye. Similarly, most people would blast their loud horns and not allow the other driver to cut into his lane though he has nothing to lose or gain if the driver was to cut into his lane. This scenario displays the common experience of most people putting their own interests first. The decision is made from the basis that if your enemy who kill you why not kill him first? Correspondingly, drivers have the same mentality. When others do not allow him to cut their lane and make his journey slow and difficult, his shall do the same unto others and not allow them to cut into his lane too. Reiterate Therefore, in war, we consider our self interests first before our enemies. Since our enemies are bent on harming us too, we are thus rightful to do the same thing unto them as everyone wants to protect their own interests, rather than allowing our enemies to benefit from pulling the trigger on us. Conclusion Hence, it is justifiable to kill in war for self survival and to eliminate the chance of our enemies killing us, so we are warranted to do the same unto them too. ...read more.

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