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Is John Proctor a fool or a hero?

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Sudharshine Anandaraja Is John Proctor a fool or a hero? The crucible (by Arthur Miller), is a powerful play of passion, jealousy, paranoia and betrayal. It revolves around a Salem, a place in Massachusetts in 1962 where a small puritan town collapses because of a group of girls and their "devils work". Towards the end, more and more innocent people are accused of witchery and have to be hanged at the end. This is one of the best plays in the twentieth century. The central character of 'The Crucible' poses an interesting problem. He appears to contain all the elements of a good man, and yet makes a mystifying decision at the end of the play, the mystifying decision of whether he should keep his good name and his reputation so he can pass it to his son, or the decision to lie to the world to live and be called a coward later. ...read more.


John Proctor still is devoted to his family, but his relationship with his wife seem to break apart, the conversation with each other at the dinner table tells us that their relationship is weak, this clearly shows when John says to Elizabeth "that he was alone with Abigail" and Elizabeth starts to suspect him of being alone with Abigail, but she keeps her point in and tries to catch him in another way. Also at the end of the conversation John Proctor says to Elizabeth that she "Forgets nothing and forgives nothing, also that she is the type of woman that could "freeze beer". Although this is true, John Proctor makes up for her towards the end of the play. Throughout the play his wife appears to be devoted to him, as she shows that Abigail is to blame for John's mistakes. Elizabeth seems to suspect John of having her affair with Abigail when he was alone with her, and John doesn't like the way he behaves and asks Elizabeth to "see good" on him. ...read more.


John Proctor has a chance to live if he agrees that he had been doing the work of a devil in front of the public. However Elizabeth trusts John proctor to be a good man and let him decide to himself, she also tells him that whatever he decides to do, it will be the best for everyone. I think John Proctor is a hero and an asset to many people, he made sure that his sons does not carry the name of the liar in the future, and he also stuck up for his good friends and the innocent people who were accused of witchcraft, and he knew that the world will know the truth sooner. In addition he also lived up to his religion where he did exactly what he was meant to do - not lie, although the peace in the Salem town seem exist because of lies. ...read more.

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