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"Is John Really Free compared to Brave New World Citizens?"

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Literary Essay - Aldous Huxley, "Brave New World" "Is John Really Free compared to Brave New World Citizens?" One main aspect of freedom is the ability for a person to be independent enough to know, and observe what is really happening around them, so that they are able to draw conclusions, and have opinions of their own. There are two completely diverse worlds, "The Brave New World", and the "Savage Reservation", and both, the people that make up the society of the Brave New World, and the people that make up the society of the savage reservation have something in common. They are similar in that, people from both communities have thoughts of their own to only a certain extent. They are limited to their personal beliefs because of various influences, and consequently people are kept from expressing their own thoughts, and being free although I still believe that one world is more fortunate than the other, in that they have the choice to be free. ...read more.


"Alpha Children wear grey. They work much harder than we do, because they're so frightfully clever. I'm really awfully glad I'm a Beta, because I don't work so hard..." (Huxley, Aldous Pg.21) They are ignorant to such an unbelievable extent that they couldn't lead an independent life or ever be able make decisions of their own, keeping people, as individuals, remotely far from being free. The Savage Reservation may not be a place where a baby is born and then predestined for life, but surely, a person that goes through life in the reservation, adapts ideas, and thoughts that change their outlook on life, not entirely by means of themselves. They are still conditioned in someway, particularly by other people, the society around them, and influence, "You mean you wanted to be hit with that whip"(Huxley, Aldous Pg. ...read more.


196). People were happy all the time and "then if anything would go wrong, there would always be soma" (Huxley, Aldous Pg. 180), this was an extremely quick and easy way to solve problems that people could never face. He wondered why religion didn't exist, and didn't understand why people didn't know of god. "But, isn't it natural to feel there's a god?" (Huxley, Aldous Pg. 192). He was away from the reservation, and people of that society, although, he had been so well conditioned to believe what they believed that his conscious still wouldn't let him free. In conclusion, I can see two completely contrasting worlds, different in every way, still having some unobserved similarities. Indirect conditioning, and intentional conditioning probably have the same impact on people, although, having the privilege that citizens of the reservation have, that being, knowing there's an alternative to every situation, is the distinction in which makes me believe that John is still freer than citizens of the Brave New World. ...read more.

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