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Is lady macbeth the 4th witch?

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Shakespeare Coursework - Could Lady Macbeth be the Fourth Witch? Lady Macbeth plays a great role in the conspiracy against the king, pulling the strings of her puppet, Macbeth. Lady Macbeth's craving ambition to be queen helps her to achieve immense power. Due this obsession for power there is confusion in whether lady Macbeth is a witch or a mere mortal. Many people are in favour that she is a witch as she carries all the qualities of a witch: no regard for morality, deceitful, malicious, she even shows sign of mystical powers. But are these sufficient enough to accuse her of being a witch, we shall find out. In Act one Scene five, Lady Macbeth first appears on stage, reading a letter, this shows she is well educated, educated enough to know the difference between right and wrong. This is highly unusual because many women in the 17th century weren't educated; they had no time as they were at the centre of the domestic sphere. In the letter it informs Lady Macbeth of her most desired target, the third, "All hail, Macbeth! ...read more.


Some people also claim that lady Macbeth is saying make me like a witch because witches themselves are genderless, evidence of this is in act one, scene five line forty five to forty seven, "you should be women, and yet your beards forbid me to interpret that you are so," said by Macbeth. Therefore Macbeth is not sure whether the witches are female or male hence they are genderless also in the opening sequences the true nature of the witches were not clear. So for lady Macbeth to become a witch she must remove her womanly virtues to be portrayed as an androgynous. Her ambition to, become queen is beyond rational. Lady Macbeth wants to become the link between the witches prophesy and the present its like Macbeth has been spoon-fed and lady Macbeth is the one convincing him to chew. Meanwhile lady Macbeth is transfixed in a spiritual ceremony where she is becoming a witch, while saying her last words as truly a woman. This appears to the audience she is casting a spell, which is further evidence she is the fourth witch. ...read more.


On the other hand the audience immediately favour Macbeth, as he is the mighty triumphant hero in the opening scenes. Success in the Scottish battle is greatly respected. However the audiences have overlooked his misguided decisions, as that mighty warrior is still conscience in their minds. Then when Macbeth is left defending the castle he shows loyal and courageous characteristics, when he tragically dies in the eyes of the audience he dies as a hero, however the tragic suicidal death of lady Macbeth goes without sympathy. However another point that can be made about Lady Macbeth and the witches is that she isn't actually a witch but does act like one because of the extreme circumstances she has dragged her and her partner into. When she receives the letter she reads it to herself and does nothing to show that she is familiar with the witches but at the same time she is not overwhelmed by the thought of witches. These circumstances that make her act like a witch could be so overpowering that she knows not how to control herself and so the devil does it and she becomes a witch and causes herself to do evil things and brings her husband into her spiral of diabolical acts. ?? ?? ?? ?? Harinder Sandhu ...read more.

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