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Is Lady Macbeth the fourth witch?

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William Shakespeare wrote the famous play "Macbeth" in 1608. In the time of Shakespeare witches and witchcraft was strongly believed in. Macbeth in the beginning of the play is a brave man and a man of honor but towards the end he forces a downfall which is caused by he's greediness and deceit. The play which William Shakespeare was written to please King James the first because it was about his ancestors and supported their story. In the time of William Shakespeare people were very superstitious and really believed in witches and witchcraft. Women were also very religious and killing the king was the biggest sin as he was scene as god. King James the first interest in witchcraft was well known so William Shakespeare deliberately did the story to interest the king, but it also interest a lot of the andience for example when lady Macbeth receives a letter from Macbeth Suddenly, the audience doesn't have the perception of an honorable, loyal and brave subject of the Macbeth ; but a man with burning ambition but thinks too much of the repercussions. His wife says "hie thee hither, That I may pour my spirits into thine ear," which means that she has already made the intention of persuading Macbeth into killing the king, just moments after reading the letter. I think that it is this speech that makes the audience pity Macbeth at this point of the play, rather than hating him for his cruel intentions. ...read more.


and he says that the blood on his hands will stain all of the seas, "Making the green one red." Only after killing the king does he realize what he has done. Still, Lady Macbeth bears no guilt and says, "A little water clears us of the deed." After Lady Macbeth's entrance, Macbeth lets her know almost immediately that "we will proceed no further in this business," and gives his reasons. He has won "golden opinions from all sorts of people," and the king himself has "honored me of late," and he does not want to jeopardize the enviable position that he has climbed towards. Lady Macbeth picks up on this on this immediately and turns it around on Macbeth, screeching, "Was the hope drunk, Wherein you dressed yourself." This shows Lady Macbeth to have great intelligence, and will make Macbeth feel foolish. Even this adds to Lady Macbeth's overpowering of Macbeth. She then emotionally blackmails Macbeth with the words "From this time such I account that love," and is telling Macbeth that she will assume Macbeth's declaration of love for his wife was out of drunkenness. Staying with the theme of drunkenness, she says to him he "looks so green and pale At what it did so freely." She is accusing him of not being able to hold his "drink", or hold his courage, and is basically stating that Macbeth is not a man, and he is like the cat that did not want to get his paws wet. ...read more.


She is one of the powers of evil which caused Macbeth to commit the crime but it was her ambition that got out of hand. In between the time the messenger leaves and Macbeth arrives she does something quite unexpected. Although there is never any indication of her being a witch, she tries to cast a spell upon herself to make herself a more cruel person. She asks the "spirits That tend on mortal thoughts...fill me...top full Of direst cruelty" and makes some other morbid demands, such as "take my milk for gall," which means that she is asking to become bitter and poisonous. Another request that she makes is for the "murdering ministers" to "unsex me here." I have come to the conclusion that lady Macbeth was a loving and caring person though ambition lead her to her downfall and as we have seen in the play she will even sell her soul just to have the security that she has power I believe lady Macbeth contains features of a witch though towards the end we can see that's she loses control and her mind so I am In the middle when it comes to lady Macbeth being a witch in many ways but sometimes you can see her with human characteristics though she played a big part in the murder of King Duncan it was the hunger of power that lead her and her husband to do evil and wrongful deeds Fahima abdi 9x4 ...read more.

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