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Is Macbeth a hero or a villain?

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Macbeth Is Macbeth a hero or a villain? A hero is a man who is idealized for possessing superior qualities in any field. A villain is a main evil character and antagonist to the hero. (Collins Shorter Dictionary). This essay will explore whether Macbeth was a villain or not. Macbeth may be the main character whom the play focuses on. This is because he saved his country from defeat in the beginning of the play. Then he becomes a villain by killing the king and many other people. Therefore, the play mainly focuses on Macbeth's action. So therefore, he can be called both a hero and a villain. Macbeth also can be called a traitor like the old Thane of Cawdor, because he endangered his country and turned his back on his friends. Why was he the hero to the country? Some people may ask, because most of Scotland's soldiers died or fled the battle. Macbeth and a few other soldiers were left. Macbeth never lost hope and stayed until Thane of Cawdor was defeated. King Duncan obviously likes Macbeth, because he saved his country from defeat. ...read more.


Macbeth shows many signs of bravery in his speeches here is a example of one "I'll fight till from my bones my flesh be hack'd. Give me my armour." (Act 5 scene 3 line33) He is saying he will fight until meat has come of his bones. That is how willing he is to die. Another example of Macbeth's bravery and determination is when he says "I will not be afraid of death and bane till Birnam forest come to Dunsinane." (Act 5 scene 3 line 57-58) You can see by the speeches how determined he was to die. Macbeth was a worse villain than The old Thane of Cawdor. Thane of Cawdor could not kill King Duncan and Macbeth did. He was obviously no good friend because he killed his best friend Banquo. He was so cold hearted he killed Macduffs wife and son. He killed the son who was small. He tried to kill Banquo's son Fleance but he escaped. Once Macbeth had killed King Duncan he did not even care if he killed his best friend or the King. When Lady Macbeth committed suicide. ...read more.


How evil and cold hearted could he get. This shown when Macbeth says "The castle of Macduff I will surprise; seize upon fife; give to the edge of the sword his wife, his babes, and all unfortunate souls thas trace them in his line." (Act 4 scene 1 line 150-154) When Macbeth died everyone starts saying bad things about him etc. This is shown when Malcolm says "That fled the snares of watchful tyranny; producing forth the cruel ministers of this dead butcher." (Act 5 scene 7 line 96-98) This shows that everyone is happy because he is dead. Conclusion Macbeth was an evil cold hearted person but only after he killed King Duncan. Macbeth was a good nice person but turned evil by looking in the future by the help of the witches and his wife. His wife was partly to blame because she pushed Macbeth in to the murder of King Duncan. Then he went mad after that. If the witches did not tell Macbeth the future he would have never thought of a thing like that. So the witches are mostly to be blamed of turning Macbeth evil. Macbeth was lead astray by a stronger partner. I think Lady Macbeth and the witches are to be blamed for making Macbeth evil. ...read more.

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