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Is Macbeth naturally inclined to perform malicious deeds?

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In the beginning of the play Macbeth seems to be heroic, and generally he is a good man. Macbeth even praises Duncan at certain points before he murders him. Macbeth remarks, "...hath been so clear in his great office, that his virtues will plead like angels trumpet-tongued against the deep damnation of his taking off." However, throughout the play this changes and he has a role reversal with Lady Macbeth. He becomes power hungry and needs to make sure that he is king and he thinks that no one can stop him. If they can, he kills them. He is also insecure, this is shown when he has to go to the witches again to assure that what he is doing is right according to them and he has become totally dependant on what they say. When he drinks the potion that the witches made he proves to us that he will do anything to hear what they have to say to him. ...read more.


This also proves that she is doing what she said earlier in the play to Macbeth, "look like th'inoocent flower, but be the sepent under't." This is because she is not showing her true feelings and emotions through what she says and how she acts, she outs it on. This is proved by the fact that in her sleep she is acting and saying the opposite to what she would to other people and in her sleep she cant control what she does and says. Lady Macbeth can be thought of as not evil because she has to call on the evil sprits to change her so she cannot be evil if she has to call on evil sprits but opposing this is the fact that she must have had a desire to be evil to call on the evil sprits to unsex her and fill her with cruelty. ...read more.


After Macbeth killed Duncan in the well-planned manner she came up with, Lady Macbeth showed no guilt. Then as she saw how being queen wasn't that great and how it destroyed Macbeth, Lady Macbeth became so overwhelmed by the realisation of her sin that she went mad and killed herself. Macbeth is not naturally inclined to perform malicious deeds, but he deeply desires power and I feel that if it were not for the witches' predictions temping him, he would have remained a great soldier regardless of what his wife thinks and does. Macbeth is physically strong and mentally weak, and it is this weakness that instigates the downfall and change of Macbeth, whereas Lady Macbeth seems to be quite the opposite of her husband. Being that Lady Macbeth's determination is far superior to that of her husband's, she is able to convince him into murdering Duncan while assuring him that he will succeed. This along with a few of the other reason explained above is why I think that Lady Macbeth is more evil. ...read more.

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