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Is Nationalism a Good or a Bad Thing?

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Klaus Grotewold Ms. Blenk Humanities - 10th 3/5/11 Is Nationalism a Good or a Bad Thing? In the world there are happening a series of events which show nationalism and non-nationalism characteristics and from them people are able to make an opinion on whether nationalism is good or bad. Is it good or bad? People always ask themselves this question, but in order to choose a side we first need to know what nationalism is. Nationalism is valuing a collective identity based on history, language, race or ethnicity, believing that a certain group of people is bonded together because of shared identity, placing loyalty to a defined ...read more.


Nationalism gives people a sense of pride for their country and this pride is which makes people act for the wealth of it. If their country, people or believes are threatened they will give a step and do what's best for their country. An example is the Crisis that is happening in Libya, the president is being anti nationalist by destroying his country and killing people of his own race so rebels on an act of nationalism have started to fight against him because they value their country. ...read more.


In Egypt a large group of people protested against the government of Hosni Mubarak with the goal of the removal of his regime and they succeeded, this is a great example of unity being strengthened by nationalism to achieve something. Events that are recently happening in the world like the ones I've just mentioned are great examples of nationalism characteristics which make us build an opinion whether nationalism is good or bad. In my opinion nationalism is good because it motivates people to act and it strengthens unity. Some people might not agree with me and some might do but there is no wrong sides so don't be scared to make your own opinion about nationalism. ...read more.

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