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Is Of Mice and Men A Pesimistic novel

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Is the novella 'Of Mice and Men' Pessimistic? At a time of Great Depression everyone had dreams; everyone had their own interpretation of 'The American Dream' that they would strive for. But in this time hardly any dreams were attainable. Lennie is constantly getting into trouble which causes George and Lennie to have to move and find new work frequently and given the time and circumstances, not much work was accessible. George and Lennie search for work in the hope of achieving their dream of owning a small ranch of their own seems to get further and further away as Lennie continuously gets into trouble. It is almost predictable that where ever Lennie goes trouble undoubtedly follows. ...read more.


The fact that George and Lennie have had this dream for so long but seem so far away from it proves how having a dream to aspire towards is pointless at this time. Optimistically no matter how many downfalls they never give up hope especially Lennie, up until the moment he died he still hoped of a better life not only for him where he could 'tend the rabbit's' but also for George his only companion. Most of the characters there have experienced loneliness, at least once in their life. Crooks has been alone most of his life because of the colour of his skin, hes degraded and almost regarded as an animal. He is forces to sleep in the stables, he's not aloud into the bunk house to converse with the other workers. ...read more.


Things in the book seem to go from better to worse, not only do the characters have dreams that never seem to ever be fulfilled, they are lonely and working hard unable to trust others even those close to them. Although throughout the novella there are a number of positives into negative situations he seems to make each situation a mix of both. For example Curley's wife when first met a bad impression was set but as the story moved on you began to see the innocent side to her and become more understanding to her situation. Of Mice and Men has both pessimistic and optimistic aspects to it. John Steinbeck shows that despite all the problems and troubles facing everyone good spirit, and expectations can continue to thrive due to the constant hope and optimism for the future ...read more.

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