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Is Racism the most important factor in the tragedy of Othello(TM)?

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Is Racism the most important factor in the tragedy of 'Othello'? Part A Iago often refers to Othello as 'The moor', 'The thick-lips', and a 'Barbary horse'. Though Othello maybe high ranked in society even the polite characters still refer to Othello as 'The moor'. This shows the readers that despite him being high ranked he is still referred to as 'The moor' 1.3.46 "Here comes Brabantio and the valiant moor". Says the senator who also calls Othello by 'The moor'. Towards the end of the play lodovico sees the true nature of Othello and feels that Othello is now a changed man Othello does his best to fit, it helps that he is married with Desdemona, as he is Christian he can be in some way the same as the other Venatians as they are also Christian. ...read more.


Othello may have overcome great obstacles in his past and have great achievements but this will not gain him much more respect. He quotes in act 1.2 "My services, which I have done the signiory, shall out-tongue his complaints". Othello believes that he has done enough for Venice and that everyone has respect for him. Iago easily influences the other characters into being racist towards Othello, Rodrigo and Brabantio also hate Othello for being black, they both believe that a black man like him should not deserve Desdemona. I believe that the racism towards Othello was set off when Desdemona and him became a couple, however it was always there. ...read more.


I believe that Iago does not hate Othello just because he is black. It may be that he cannot stand how an uneducated runaway slave can have a higher rank than him in the society and army. These reasons could've also brought the race into it. Iago may have continued his plan on Othello as he was not the only one against Othello, Rodrigo was also against him Rodrigo may have been motivating Iago to Destroy Othello. However Othello is also jealous of Desdemona's age and for not being an outsider. Othello's insecurity caused his tragedy as much as what Iago done. ...read more.

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