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Is Romeo and Juliet: Act 1 Scene 5 an Effective piece of Drama?

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Is Romeo and Juliet: Act 1 Scene 5 an Effective piece of Drama? In this assignment I will be evaluating whether Act 1 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare is an effective piece of drama. I will be writing about the dramatic events in the scene, the changing moods, the range of characters and the dramatic impact on the audience. I will be referring to quotes in the play to back up my points throughout the assignment. Shakespeare set out the scene in a very effective way to contribute to its meaning. There is a pattern in this scene which is followed by most of his other plays. Firstly he establishes the relationships between the main characters in a conflict - in this scene; this is when Romeo is confronted by Tybalt who recognised his voice. Shakespeare then develops the dramatic tension and conflict until its climax - in the scene this is where Tybalt is told my Capulet to leave Romeo due to him being well regarded in Verona. Shakespeare then ends with a denouement by establishing some form of equilibrium - This is where Tybalt leaves Romeo, and Romeo sees Juliet for the first time. ...read more.


Juliet reply's by saying that holding hands "palm to palm" is a holy "palmer's kiss", meaning that holding hands is the right kind of kiss, whereas lips are for prayer and are not needed. Romeo argues that even "saints" and "holy palmer's" have lips and that they should be used. Juliet then says that a pilgrim's lips "must use in prayer". At this point while Romeo and Juliet are talking, they are talking in sonnet form, which is a rhyming 14 line poem and was regarded in the 16th century as the proper medium for love poetry. In the sonnet, Romeo is convincing her to kiss him so that his sins can be repented. At this point Romeo's quite witty response is to let his "lips do what hands do", meaning let his lips kiss her rather than their hands as Juliet said. He then says that his prayer is to kiss her and that his "faith turn to despair", showing that he really wants to kiss her and it is his cream or prayer to do so. Juliet then says that for the sake of his prayers and to "grant for prayers' sake" he can kiss her. ...read more.


The shifting from prose to poetry, and the use of various characters with different characteristics gives a good insight in the mood of the scene and its effects on the audience. The scene has a lot of dramatic impact. This is mostly due to the variety of moods and the amount of suspense in the scene keeping the audience captivated. The moment where Romeo and Juliet are saying the sonnet allows a vast majority of the audience to empathise with the situation as they recognise what sonnets are and how much of a romantic impact it has. Juliet in particular keeps the suspense before the kiss by telling Romeo that they shouldn't kiss and that holding hands is enough, Romeo then persuades her to kiss him with relieves the suspense and has a lot of dramatic impact. By using things that the audience can relate to, Shakespeare successfully makes the scene have a large impact on the audience. To conclude with I believe William Shakespeare successfully made Act 1 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet an effective piece of drama. I personally think this because of the way Shakespeare uses things which the audience can relate to and how scene shifts, mood changes and language used. This I find was very successfully incorporated into the scene and is what made the play a successful one. ...read more.

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