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Is scientific progress always for the good 2

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Title of Essay: Is scientific progress always for the good? This essay was awarded Merit (21 out of 30 marks possible) at the High School level. The quest for progress has never stopped. Human's thirst for scientific discovery and invention will never be quenched. Throughout the years, we have seen the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison's invention of the incandescent lamp, and Alexander Fleming's discovery of penicillin. With scientific progress moving at such a rapid speed nowadays, with multi-purpose cell phones readily available, the question is, is it justifiable as a good form of progress? I will base my analysis on the study of the flight recorder, the Internet and the medical industry. The idea of the flight recorder, more popularly known as the black box, was first conceived by David Warren. It was an idea that is a progress for the good of the safety of the people. ...read more.


For centuries, humans have communicated mainly through written letters, which takes days to reach the intended party, and the telephone. For centuries, humans relied on newspapers, followed by the radio and the television. From now, the Internet has taken over the mantle to become the most multi-purpose and boundless invention mankind has seen. For communication, the Internet offers emailing and instant online messaging services as well as social networking sites. For information, at the click of the mouse, we can view all the latest updates and news. Everything has become fast and convenient! However, such a boundless innovation is bound to have drawbacks. Internet hacking and scams are powerful risks to mankind. Hacking can potentially result in billions of financial losses for large corporations, while scams target the bourgeoisie. Despite such drawbacks, the Internet is undeniably a magical platform where more innovations can come in. It is the catalyst of the successful Obama presidential campaign, and a stunningly effective avenue when it comes to online campaign donations. ...read more.


The sight may be unsettling, and plastic surgery will serve good to refine the person's life, and reduce the likelihood of being mocked by insensitive street users. Thus, the rapid medical development had reaped huge dividends. In conclusion, scientific progress has mostly been for the good of mankind. Flight recorders have the ability for us to resolve mysteries and crack down on faulty airplanes. The Internet has expanded our society into a high-paced and efficient one, with convenience for Internet users a feature as well. Medical developments have saved many lives which would previously have been impossible to save, and possibly gave renewed hope to some. There will always be drawbacks such as internet hacking, as well as the possibly unethical attempt to change what Mother Nature gave us. There will always be similar cases of abusing the right to scientific progress, but we can be thankful that for most of the time, rapid scientific evolution has brought us what many people in the past couldn't even dream of. End Written by a High School Student Essay awarded Merit (21 out of 30 marks possible) ...read more.

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