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Is scientific progress always for the good

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Title of Essay: Is scientific progress always for the good? This essay was awarded Merit (22 out of 30 marks possible) at the High School level. From the Stone Age period to the invention of steam engine and the current world that has been described as a "Technetronic Era" by Zbigniew Brzezinski, we have witnessed the great leap in the progress of science. Man have built submarines to dive the ocean, planes that have roamed the skies and rockets to explore the outer space. Scientific progress has advocated revolutionary changes to our lives, such that sky scrapers are built with machines and air-traveling has become the new mode of transport that is faster and more efficient. Science may progress with the intention of improving our lives, but it is undeniable that these benefits come with a number of undesirable consequences. ...read more.


The figures are self-explanatory about the impact of the internet has on our lives. All these benefits would not have been possible without scientific progress. Thus, scientific progress is definitely for the good of mankind. What actually make the topic debatable are the undesirable consequences that came along with scientific progress. It is notable that the 20th century has witnessed both World War I and World War II. It is not pure coincidence that major scientific breakthroughs happen in the same period as the devastating wars. During the Stone Age period, our ancestors had already invented various weapons which aimed at protecting them from beasts. Take the Atomic Bomb for example: It was invented by a group of scientists (including Albert Einstein, sponsored by USA) to be used against Hitler in his attempt to conquer the world. Ultimately it's about self-defense, yet the magnitude of the damage and number of lives that were lost, when atomic bombs Little Boy and Fat Man were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki respectively, made us wonder whether the invention was for good or worse. ...read more.


If one day the network was to be disabled for whatever reason, our stock markets would crash and an economy recession would follow. Gadgets such as mobile phones and i-Pods have become necessities in the modern world. Over-reliance on technology will cause mankind to lose their way of thinking and problem solving skills since everything can be resolved with just a click of the mouse. Thus, scientific progress may provide us with better lives, but cost us our survival instincts. Regardless of how humans have handicapped themselves due to over reliance on technology or how technology is used in war and cost lives, there is no doubt that scientific progress has brought about positive changes in our lives, such as the invention of air-conditioners and the discovery of Penicillin. While scientific progress may not always serve the "good" purpose, it is definitely for the common good of all mankind. [1] http://www.internetworldstats.com/emarketing.htm End Written by a High School Student Essay awarded Merit (22 out of 30 marks possible) ...read more.

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