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Is Television a Blessing or a Curse?

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On April 7, 1927 the world was introduced to a new kind of entertainment, one that would change the world forever. This unaccustomed entertainment was known as television. Television is described by dictionary.com as telecommunication system for broadcasting and receiving moving pictures and sound over a distance. Though television has the potential to inform, educate and to entertain, it also has the competence to promote violence negative behaviors and expose children to inappropriate activity. Firstly television informs us about what is going on around the world. There are over twenty five news channels on cable television which broadcast local and worldwide news continuously. ...read more.


Adults can even receive education from television by tuning into the history or national geographic channels. Therefore we have the right to say that television has and still is contributing to the development of our future leaders. Furthermore, the British poet Alfred Tennyson once said, "death is the end of life, why should life all labor be." Mr. Tennyson is saying to us that our lives should include some entertainment and amusement. I'm sure we could think of the many long hard depressing days, when we go home and enjoy a comedy movie, our favorite talk show or watch the news. ...read more.


When we watch so much violence on television we develop violent behaviors. Moreover television exposes our children to inappropriate activity. 95% of teenagers have been exposed to pornography on television before they reach the age of sixteen as stated by the department of child care and development. Research has shown that when children are exposed to sexual activity on television they want to explore it themselves. As a result teen pregnancy rates are rising rapidly, and the amount of teens with STDs and HIV is unbelievable. In conclusion, television was considered a huge step forward in technology and is continuing to progress but as it still stands all good things have a downside. Undoubtedly television can be considered as both a blessing and curse. ...read more.

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