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Is terrorism at threat today?

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How far is terrorism a threat today? In today's globalized world, where technology has made country borders obsolete, the movement of people and thought dominates every life in the developed world. It is because of this concept of globalization that terrorism has lifted its head and is now, more than ever, a serious threat. This is not to say that there was no terrorism before the dawn of internet and highly technical arms. Attacks on monarchs in the past were not uncommon. ...read more.


Increased worldwide security did not act as hindrance to further attacks. Certainly nothing on that scale followed but terrorist attacks in Spain and London made people more aware of the seriousness of the situation. Not only that, but Malta also features prominently in one of the most well known attacks of the last millennium: the Lockerbie bombing of 1988 which killed almost 300 people. One does well to question the roots of these terrorist attacks and why they are so evident today as opposed to years ago. ...read more.


Infiltration of these ideas through the media into their territories is seen as an invasion. Not the invasions of the bygone centuries, but a new invasion; that of ideas and threats to a different way of life. This is thus the main reason for terrorist attacks. The reason why it is occurring today and not ages ago is globalization. Only now can the West successfully infiltrate these communities and influence them. The title of this essay asks a question. Of course, in such limited words no answer is easy. It is my opinion though that yes, more than ever, terrorism is a threat today. ?? ?? ?? ?? Josmar Azzopardi ...read more.

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