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Is texting wrecking the English Language ?

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´╗┐Is texting wrecking the English language? My Opinion (Angus Davidson): In my opinion, I think texting and using mobile devices is the future. Almost every adult or teenager has a mobile device, since over quarter of adults and teenagers in the UK own a smartphone. Texting has so many advantages because it?s cheap, quick and easy. However, there are even more ways to communicate quickly and easily like using Skype (face-to-face) on a webcam or chatting on a social networking site like Facebook, Twitter and Skype. Also, I don?t agree that texting is wrecking the English language. I think texting is doing the opposite. Lot?s of news articles show teenagers texting will improve their spelling and use of the English language. ...read more.


Sometimes, like an e-mail a few words can have the wrong meaning. This also means, people have forgotten how to talk on a phone. In the same way, people have forgotten how to write letters when the telephone was invented. In my conclusion, I think texting is wrecking the English language due to the fact that it?s a poor form of communication compared to having a conversation on a mobile phone. My Sister?s Opinion (Heather Davidson): I think texting is a good, simple way of communication that is cheaper than making a long phone call. Its get?s the message across straight away using abbreviations and acronyms, allowing the conversation to be fast and snappy. ...read more.


Many newspapers write using techniques used in texting; like abbreviations, showing that texting language is not a bad thing; it is a good thing that is now used nation wide. The English language has adapted over the years, and this is the new adaptation for the modern English language. We do not speak the same was as we did many years ago, since no one ever says -?O coward conscience, how dost thou afflict me!?. This shows language is constantly changing, and this is no different. People say it is ruining the language however this is completely natural for the language to evolve and new words to be created. The younger generation generally agree with this new way of communication, so in years to come hopefully it will be accepted better through out the country. ...read more.

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