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Is the death sentence in the US justified?

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´╗┐Our country is filled with crime; a terrible crime catches the eye of our country leading to a mass of anger calling for the death penalty to be reintroduced into the UK. On the other hand many would argue that it a barbaric practice and should be abolished worldwide. In the United States last year seventy three people were proven to be innocent after they were executed. Gary Tyler was accused of murder in 1975; witnesses said that they were coerced by police to make statements about him. ...read more.


The United States, a user of the death penalty has a higher crime rate than us. The death penalty is not an effective deterrent, people murder regardless of punishment. The death penalty would cost the tax payer more compared to jail for twenty years. Financially it would cost more to execute murderers than to imprison them. Executing murderers may resolve overcrowding problems though as a result of it costing more, reduced funds would be available to alleviate the overcrowding problem. The murder rate in the US is high despite there being a death penalty. ...read more.


Europe is a part of the world where human rights are championed. In the United States it has been found that it costs fifty per cent more to execute that to keep someone in jail. The death penalty is not an effective deterrent otherwise we would expect to see a smaller murder rate in the US than neighbouring US states which do not use the death penalty. The purpose of jail is to rehabilitate the prisoner, to prepare them for society. By murdering we are robbing this person of the chance of rehabilitation and redemption. After taking all the points into consideration it is clear that the reintroducing the death penalty is unwise. ...read more.

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