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Is the first scene of Troy effective in making the film seem more realistic and entertaining?

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An analysis of the methods used to make the opening sequence of Troy. Is the first scene of Troy effective in making the film seem more realistic and entertaining? The film Troy is an action based historical epic which portrays the adventures of Achilles the greatest hero ever, and who is meant to be the son of a god! It shows the greed of the King of Mycenae and how Achilles wants more than anything to be remembered for ever. Throughout the first scene of Troy the director uses a variety of Camera work such as slowing down shots to give a feeling of speed. He also uses sound effects like adding the sound of men shouting in the background. Both these aspects of the film make it seem more realistic and entertaining. In the establishing shot of the film the director firstly shows a map. This introduces the audience to the country that the film originally begins in, Greece. At the same time some spooky sounding music is played in the background, this makes the viewers think about death which features a large part during the film and the opening sequence of Troy. ...read more.


This makes him seem greedy and unstoppable. This is much more entertaining and more realistic than say a king fighting for honour, because this rarely ever happens in real life. In the final part of their conversation they agree to let their two best men fight to the death so that the victorious king does not have to waste troops and can call upon the opponents army to fight for them when they need it .This also makes the audience expect a brilliant scene coming up of the two men fighting to the death. It then shows the first hero who is huge and brutal with red scars on his face. This indicates realism because he has fought in many battles. But then it turns out Achilles so far unmentioned in the film is not with the army. This gives the film an unexpected and entertaining comedy value as it looks like Achilles the great hero has run away in fright! The next sequence of shots is the waiting for Achilles scene. The first piece of camera work in this scene is a deep shot of each army giving another idea of the power of the army. ...read more.


But when the opponent throws it Achilles simply dodges it. This makes the myth that he is a son of god seem more realistic. Then the camera shows a closer shot and slows down as Achilles leaps into the air and plunges his short sword into the opponent's neck! This gives the audience an indication of how fast Achilles was moving and again reinforces the statement that he is superhuman and son of a god. This entire shot is entertaining to the audience as an action scene and the build up to the action scene they had all been waiting for, it also is quite effective in creating realism as instead of showing Achilles whizzing about super fast and the audience not been able to follow his moves, the camera slows him down and the audience can see how he performs each move. All three of these scenes are very effective in making the film seem realistic and entertaining. They also serve as a good introduction. It starts off with the map and an introduction to the foreign landscape, it has comedy and entertainment values, it has build up in expectancy for action shots and finally has an action shot introducing us to Achilles the superhuman! ...read more.

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