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Is the Great Gatsby the work of a miserable failure of a bachelor, who invents a gorgeous figure to compensate for the dismal mid-west to which he has retreated? How far do you agree with this view?

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Is the Great Gatsby the work of 'a miserable failure of a bachelor, who invents a "gorgeous" figure to compensate for the dismal mid-west to which he has retreated?' How far do you agree with this view? As far as this view goes in m opinion this is correct, as Nick wrote the Grate Gatsby two years after everything had happened. This can lead to certain aspects of the story being exaggerated, changed, and adapted to mislead the reader into believing that these events happened exactly as Nick narrated them. There could be many reasons why Fitzgerald choose to use the character of Nick to narrate this dismal story, and the assumption that Nick is a 'miserable failure of a bachelor' may have some degree of truth in it. As if Nick was happy and not a bachelor he would be writing this story about someone else's life, he would be writing it about his own experiences and adventures. ...read more.


This 'figure' (Gatsby) that may have bin created by Nick, could be a reflection of what Nick longs to be like, a gorgeous, rich man, who has a love affair with Daisy, in which as the beginning of this novel Nick describes Daisy as having "bright eyes and a bright passionate mouth, but there was an excitement in her voice that men who had cared for her found it difficult to forget". Nick describes Daisy as these things the first time we meet her as a character and he continues to describe her in this adoring manor for the rest of this chapter. Although another angle to look at this quote of Nick's character being a 'miserable failure of a bachelor' could possibly be a reflection of Fitzgerald being this. Fitzgerald was an alcoholic since he left collage this gives me an indication that he was most probably miserable for some time to even start drinking. ...read more.


as the reader, what he wants to show us making this story bias as it is from one perspective, and therefore to some certain degree untrue. In addition to this the quote says that Nick 'retreated' this means that he escaped, 'formed a ladder and mounted to a secret place above the trees', this is yet again another parallel to Gatsby, as Gatsby also did this whilst he was going around the world whilst collecting rubies, hinting of Nicks fantasy to be different from his 'miserable' boring character, and to be more like Gatsby. Although I will have to remember and take into consideration that this quote is someone else's opinion, and as it is only an opinion this does not make it true. This is why it is debatable to weather this quote is true or not, but overall, in my opinion, I think that this quote is true. ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 1 ...read more.

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