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Is the monster Evil?

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Is the monster evil? It depends how you think about it. It could be victor or it could be the monster. Let's start from the point where victor's creation comes alive. During that time he was evil because the first thing Victor does is that he creates the monster. He creates the monster without thinking about how it will affect the rest of the world. His intent is to help the world with a new scientific breakthrough, but his carelessness with the monster is an act of evil towards society. The monster at the beginning was good because he didn't know anything, He tries to fit in with society and become someone but public disliked him and also he didn't mean any harm. Later on in the story Victor and the monster switch roles. Victor becomes good by trying to stop the monster from destruction, while the monster turns evil, in his pursuit for Victor's pain and anguish. ...read more.


After the monster was rejected by the cottagers he was very upset, but he was still willing to try to gain a friend. He tried again by saving a girl from drowning in a river, but then he got shot and was rejected again by humankind. He encounters William and again tries to be nice, but when William screams that his father will punish the monster and that his father is M. Frankenstein he snaps. He kills William out of his anger towards Victor Frankenstein. Victor continues to be careless and keeps the monster a secret. Victor learns of William's murder and then of Justine's charges, but he still does not tell anyone about the monster. He just tries to convince others that she is innocent. After saying this he does not continue to explain who the murderer is, he just tells them that he knows she is innocent. By doing this he is a not allowing people to be prepared for the monster. ...read more.


He decides to spend the rest of his life trying to make Victor's life miserable. This is the beginning of the monsters rampage. He goes on to kill Henry and Elizabeth. Victor tries to protect everybody, but he couldn't succeed. Victor continues to be good and he even tells someone about the monster, but it is all too late. The monster remains evil and continues to put Victor through as much torture as possible. Overall I think the monster wasn't evil. It was that his upbringing wasn't good which led him onto violence. If victor contained him the monster would of done better in society. Victor should of told somebody but he was scared that the society will hunt him down. Victor shouldn't have created the monster because it wouldn't have led to his family being murdered. The monster was desperate for human companionship in that he will do anything to get it but he does understand is actions and he starts to understand about emotions through studying the old man and his family but again he is just desperate and will do anything including killing. ...read more.

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