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Isolation - creative writing

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Isolation I sat there staring deeply at the engraved graffiti, each letter giving a fierce image. "Must die". They had warned it was going to be bad, although I never expected this. I just needed a few minutes to take it all in, I still needed to come to terms with what had happened. Those dreaded words still echoed through my ears. "Mrs Phillips has been sentenced for 12 years, due to the murder of her husband Patrick Philips." The fearful memory had ambushed me with terrific force and tears instantly filled my eyes. My whole life felt a waste. I never deserved this Johnny never deserved this. I was never a strong person. If only I had the courage to walk out, all those times I suffered and tolerated Patrick's behaviour and the way he mistreated me. But the disturbing memories had flooded my head with anger and hatred towards others. My only desire in life was for Johnny to live a happy life. What did Johnny ever do to deserve such a punishment? I kept having constant flashbacks of that night; despair pressed against my heart. ...read more.


I had blood dripping down the side. I felt weak in the bones. It took me a few attempts to stand up on my feet. I had no real sense of where I was, but I could see bloody footprints all over the room. To my right smeared handprints flashed on the wall. I slowly followed the footprints, which lead to the hallway. There was a drag mark feathered out several feet from where Johnny's dead body lay. My mind and heart were racing, trying to outrun the cause of the scene but tears had instantly, filled my eyes. I propped Johnny's body against the wall and kissed his forehead. I was shivering and could not seem to catch my breath. I looked around, my eyes travelled slowly from the couch, across the floor and stopped at the TV. The couch's cushions were still on the floor where I had left them. I moved to take a closer look and saw Patrick's dead body. Patrick had been dead, just over twenty-two minutes. I could smell his sweat, his dirty bare feet, and the faint odour of singed flesh. My mother once said "Nothing can go wrong unless you are the cause," Now I was the cause. ...read more.


I could hear my mother's words "You'll survive". I had decided to take a walk to the ladies bathroom; it was then that I could feel the beating of my heart. I began to take smaller steps and slowly walked towards the bathroom door. I opened the door. There it was, the stool placed in the corner of the room facing the mirror. My heart began to beat faster and faster. I knew I could do it. I stared at the stool for a few moments and pulled out a pair of tights that I had slipped in the arm of my blouse. I then climbed up on to stool and stood silently, I panicked, but I had to stay calm, as no one was to know about this. I finally forced myself to tie the pair of tights on the hanging light bulb above my forehead and tie it securely and tightly around my neck. This was the moment I had been waiting for. I tippled my feet and kicked the stool. I was hanging almost two metres above the ground. I could feel the pain travelling through my body; it was then I could see the colour of my hands change. The door opened and my eyes finally closed. Aysha Ahmad 11S ...read more.

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