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´╗┐ISSUES AFFECTING TEENAGERS In this modern society of ours, the common issue affecting teenagers is the use of drugs. Being a teenager is undoubtedly one of the most challenging periods of life. It is a stage of identity crisis ? knowing oneself compared to losing oneself. To belong and being acknowledged in a group is very important. During these periods of growing up, youths come across their share of positive and negative experiences. Peer pressure, curiosity, and the availability of drugs are factors that some youthful and vulnerable teenagers have to deal with in their juvenile lives. One of the major reasons of teenage drug use is peer pressure, particularly from the social influences among friends, associates, school, and the community. ...read more.


It is available and within reach for anyone who knows where to get it or whom to talk to about it. Interest will develop in a matter of time. For instance, if one teenager hears a personal drug experience from another student in the school, the person may become curious and try to have a connection. Most teenagers today would believe that the first use of drugs is safe. Although there is no instant addiction with the first try, young persons can tend to experiment further and in a matter of time, anyone can have the elated effects of the drugs and may keep seeking it in order to function effectively. ...read more.


This will create more problems, limiting the person?s social support and the burden of financial strain that leads a teen to do anything to obtain money to continue getting drugs. In short, the cause of using drugs can have a great effect on the person and in the society. Depression and suicide, mainly from substance abuse, are now the common problems among the younger population. Teenagers need to be educated about substance abuse, such as drug addiction to create awareness among them and to help them make better choices in their lives. There are many non-profitable organizations that can help teenagers to cope with drug abuse. There are telephone help lines, community services, and individual counselling that can give information and they are available in almost every educational institution. There is help available to anyone who seeks it. ...read more.

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