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It’s no use arguing

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Creative Writing. "It's no use arguing," she said "I'm going," and then we slept, I didn't think she'd actually go but I woke up in the morning and she was gone. On the bedside table there was a note. It's writing didn't say much but the ink running in the rivulets of tears spoke volumes. "I told you I was going and I didn't want to fight so I left before you woke, there's some croissants on the table, maybes I'll see you again maybes I wont." The remark about the croissants seemed somewhat devoid of feeling so I chose to ignore it and left the pastries and preserves where they lay. I didn't eat I got around to the more serious matter of grieving and trying to find out how she was getting from A to B. Saz always used taxi's she hated public transport, I remember one time she tried to use the bus and she came home in tears because she had had to sit next to some 'smelly old tramp with a smelly old dog'. I laughed and she hit me. I pressed redial on the phone, it's one of those cordless phones that way Saz could have her long business calls anywhere in the house she liked it better that way. ...read more.


I got off the bus at the top of Pink Lane, which funnily enough is where I met Saz. No not like that. What do you think I am? I met her in a pub called 'Paul's'. Very classy. Yeah. I kept running with my heart in my throat and pulse thumping in my brain so I could only just hear the enraged drivers and pedestrians I ran into, disrupted and generally pissed off but I didn't care, I had to get there or she'd leave and I would be back to square one and it would take my friends a week to get me out of bed. For the past two years Saz has been the driving force in my life. When Dave and me went down 'Paul's' with the lads it had taken the bunch of them weeks to get me out the house and away from the PS2. At that stage in my life I was convinced that Akira and Gotenks my RPG representatives in the Final Fantasy world were my only friends. But when I saw her that night I literally punched myself for nearly not coming. I walked up to Saz the most beautiful girl in that derelict pub (which to be fair wasn't hard, it was full of scabs and sharons with more hair spray on their collective fringes than was probably used in the entire of the 70's, but she was by far and away the most beautiful) ...read more.


"You'll be fine, there's plenty more fish in the sea." "But I don't want any other fish" "Look the same thing happened to my friend Elsie," she said. "And Elsie's happy now," I asked seeing a bit of light at the end of my seemingly endless tunnel. "Oh yes, oh hang on no she killed herself shortly afterwards. But she did always say do as I say not as I do." The ceiling of my tunnel seemed to cave in then as my ideas about the elderly were confirmed. I got up and left the silly bugger on the bench I went back to the Burger King I had seen on the way into this station I'd missed breakfast this morning and as much as my heart told me starvation was a good plan my brain argued otherwise and my stomach backed it up. I sat totally inconsolable at their stupid plastic table with one of their stupid Quarter Pounders and a near litre of their stupid lemonade. I was beginning to think of how everything would be okay, it wasn't the end of the world when a beautiful young woman entered the restaurant and sat by me promptly knocking a half empty canister of lemonade into my lap. I smiled. "Hi, I think you're beautiful but before we get serious I have to warn you I am terribly incontinent." We both looked down at my dampened crotch and laughed. David Harrison 11A. ...read more.

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