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It’s the Hope That Keeps Us Going…

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DANIEL KING 11 BEDE ENGLISH MR BAKER PERSONAL WRITING COURSEWORK It's the Hope That Keeps Us Going... Well, when beginning to write this coursework I wondered of a time when I felt all sorts of emotions, and after lots of thought I decided that Monday 25th of May 1998 was one of the most up and down experience of my life, Wembley 98 Well really the adventure of 'Wembley 98' started on the 24th of May. We left Sunderland early me my two cousins Rob & Richard me Dad and me Uncle Richard. As soon as I entered the car I knew the importance of this match because me dad began to call it the 10 million pound match that's how much money was involved for both sides if they were promoted. That moment in the car it really hit me this would be the most important match of my life minus Wimbledon '97 were we lost and were left in agony for so many minutes which seemed like a lifetime waiting for the Spurs/Coventry result. Well typical Sunderland we lost and were relegated. But the people of Sunderland differently felt the same as me about this match as football fever had been bubbling under the surface for months and now it had finally took over the city. The amazing scenes of people queuing up to three to four days in advance for their tickets were amazing. ...read more.


We also had are lucky mascot Mr Nicky Sumerbee two time play off winner or I and Forty odd thousand of the best fans in football. When I got off the tube I could not believe my eyes were where the Charlton fans. Apart from the odd pocket singing "Super Cloive!!" in retaliation to are own chants wear were they. It was like spot the Charlton fan. The atmosphere was fantastic no hint of trouble. The Sunderland fans expected nothing but success from their beloved heroes. But football has a funny way of kicking you in the teeth. So about half an hour later we entered Wembley. I thought the ground did need an over haul but it's the memories that make the place '66' '73' '96' Gazza, Charlton, Moore all the names and all the games now that's history and that's what makes the place. When I got in the stadium there were quite a few Charlton fans there, were did they come from, me and are Rob came to the conclusion that they had came from under ground tunnels, directly from South London to the ground. So this it was we went through the nessacaries and the teams kicked off. For the first 45 minutes we toiled around looking nothing like the out fit we new we were. Clive Mendonca then scored the obligatory goal against his child hood heroes. ...read more.


And then Charlton began celebrating. I felt hollow and empty inside. UN- able to believe what I had been through. I was mentally worn out. To be so close but come away with nothing. Micky's penalty had been so very poor. But no one blamed Gray. The crowd sprung to life from their shocked silence, and sang Grays name in vain in an attempt to lift his sprits. We went through the familiar post match ritual of applauding are players off the pitch difference was this time they deserved it. During the game, I was to involved to enjoy it, too tense to appreciate it and too upset to reflect on it. But looking back I believe that I was privileged to watch one of the greatest games at Wembley bar some '66' final. So as time went on we learnt how to appreciate how close we were and how unlucky we were. My dad taught me a lesson that day he said "Son it's the hope that keeps us going" and it is. Whether it's the hope of signing a new striker, reaching the play offs, winning the cup, a game or even scoring a goal it's the hope that's keeps all football fans going and the hope that keeps them coming back. Hope is the universal requirement for all football fans. But even until this day I still find it ironic how two lads from opposite sides but who come from the same area and even the same school managed to effectively decided the game. Daniel King It's the hope that keeps us going!! ...read more.

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