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It all started at warehouse number 107.

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Matthew Warren GCSE English Original Writing It all started at warehouse number 107. There was a faint smell of the salt air from outside and the frequent sound of a ships horn was heard. Inside the warehouse the light was streaming through the windows turning the dust in the air into shining frozen pillars. In the centre of the warehouse sitting at a table were two dimly lit figures. The first was Sir David Crane a wealthy business man with a gambling problem. He was wearing a blood stained hand made Italian suit that had been torn in several different places. His hands were tied behind his back and over his head was a large black bag. The other figure was Des who was a scruffy young man wearing and hooded tracksuit top and dirty jeans. Des had a serious drug habit he was desperately short of money and owed thousands of pounds to a loan shark called Steve. ...read more.


Matt and Des roughly pulled Sir David Crane into the warehouse and on to a chair. Matt quickly searched Sir David Crane till he found his credit cards, it did not take Des and Matt long to obtain the PIN codes from the terrified Sir David. Matt took the cards and went to the banks to get the money. It was all running to plan for Des all he had was doing was wait for the phone call from Matt to tell him that he had the money, he could then release Sir David and pay back Steve. Des was waiting patiently as time seemed to stop, his doubts about the kidnap job crossed his mind, he knew there was nothing he could do about it now, he was in far too deep to back out. The loud ring of the phone snapped him back to the present. ...read more.


Someone on the outside was struggling to open the door, Des looked around franticly for something to use as a weapon, he picked up the largest piece of brick he could see and waited staring at the door as the handle slowly turned. Everything seem to happen in slow motion, the handle slowly turned, the door opened slowly making a "creaking" sound sending a shower of dust and broken plaster to the floor, as the door slowly opened a head poked through the widening gap. Des quickly aimed the brick and threw it with all his strength, there was a thud and a tall man with long black hair fell silently and heavily to the ground. Des bent down and turned the body over, his stomach somersaulted and he collapsed onto his knees as his legs turned to jelly and gave way. Lying on the floor with pools of blood around him in a dusty unconscious heap on the floor was his friend Matt. ...read more.

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