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It has been suggested that Tennyson never presents love as a happy and fulfilling emotion

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It has been suggested that Tennyson never presents love as a happy and fulfilling emotion. Do you agree? You should refer closely to two or three poems in your answer. It can be argued that this statement is accurate as most of his poetry contains elements of tragedy and the characters appear to be destroyed or consumed by love instead of fulfilled and happy, as a person expects to be. An example of this would be in Tennyson's poem 'The Lady of Shallot'. The female character is cursed to look out in the world through a mirror only and longs for love and a knight to call her own. ...read more.


It is clear in the poem that she has been deserted for such a long time waiting for a love that never came. The refrain in the poem emphasises the weary monotony that the woman feels, the furthest from being happy and fulfilled. The love that is expected in marriage is presented in Tennyson's poetry with the same description of disappointment, difficulty and non fulfilment. In 'Godiva' the reader is presented with a woman who is married to a Lord, but it seems this isn't a great relationship. Godiva's husband laughs off her concerns for the people in his town, then goes on to disrespect her and ignores what she's saying. ...read more.


In 'Tithonus' he fell in love with a goddess and asked for immortality. He thought that by gaining immortality they would be able to live together forever as a happy couple. However, typical to Tennyson's poetry it doesn't work out that way and he finds it impossible to live with her in his current state as she appears youthful every morning reminding him of all the things he has lost '...How can my nature longer mix with thine ...' This poem represents the realisation to the danger that a fulfilment of love may bring. For Tithonus happiness and fulfilment was only short lived, when he got what he thought he wanted it all went wrong. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mason Egerton ...read more.

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