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It is a dark damp day; the rain is beating down on the corrugated iron of my four-roomed cottage on Condobolin Road.

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3rd Of October 1898 It is a dark damp day; the rain is beating down on the corrugated iron of my four-roomed cottage on Condobolin Road. It is still early hours, however my husband William has already left to visit his parents Frederick and Mary on their property, as the wind and rain has brought down two of their great gum trees. My children are still sleeping soundly. I am not feeling well again today, I have not felt well since Maggie's death, some two years ago. My head has not felt right; it tells me to do things that women shouldn't even think of. I am not a well human being; I do not feel anymore, this haunts me. I feel great remorse and pity for myself. I am however fit to right my story, my life. My name is Catherine Ada Foster, however I am better known as Kate Kelly, sister of the renowned Ned Kelly. I was born in Beveridge on the 12th of July 1863, as the seventh child born to my parents John 'Red' Kelly and Ellen Quinn. Mary, the eldest is the sister I never knew, as she passed away at infancy. ...read more.


Mother had given birth to Alice a week before she was put into gaol, but was allowed to nurse her in her cell. It was our job to maintain mothers selection, and raise the younger ones. We also helped look after our brothers, who were then outlawed because of the shooting of the police at Stringy Bark Creek, in the Wombat Ranges. I often risked my life and health riding as a decoy for the police to follow, as my brothers would ride the other way. I frequently rode out to my brother's hideouts alongside Maggie with food, clothes, ammunition and valuable information. Maggie, Tom Lloyd, Joseph Ryan and I would often go to Melbourne to obtain the cartridges of the calibre of the weapons the Kelly gang were using. The police were always on to us, however we were a lot smarter, and were able to purchase what was needed. There was this one time when I was carrying a large package and I was on my return journey. Two detectives stopped me at Winton Railway Station for a spot check. They took the package to check, to their anger it was filled with women's garments. ...read more.


I bore six children with William, Frederick Arthur was the first, Gertrude Eileen Ada soon followed and then came Arthur Douglas, Ethel Maude, Ruby Ellen and Catherine. However three of my beautiful children, Arthur, Ruby and Catherine died in infancy. The hardest events that took place in my life, even above both my brothers deaths, and the only thing I could do was to blame myself. I also blamed those police officers that made my childhood hell, I don't know why I blamed them but it just made it easier to blame others to relive my pain. I am now thirty-five years old and I am not well. I cannot live my life anymore. CATHERINE ADA FOSTER Kate Foster was reported missing on the 6th of October 1898, her body was found eight days later in a lagoon at Condobolin Road near Forbes, where she drowned. There was no evidence to how she died; however, it is known that following the death of her sister Maggie, some two years earlier, Kate had become very depressed. Kate was buried in the Church of England section of the Forbes cemetery, with her three deceased children. Kate's children were taken by their uncle Jim- James Kelly, to their grandmother Ellen Kelly at Eleven-Mile-Creek. 1 www.nedkelly/history.com.au 2 www.nedkelly.com.au 3 Brown, Max Ned Kelly pp 178 Megan Prescott Year 12 English ...read more.

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