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It is an important fact that the main character's in the play regarded themselves as having no free will and were controlled by fate. Discuss.

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It is an important fact that the main character's in the play regarded themselves as having no free will and were controlled by fate. I believe that the characters in Romeo and Juliet have free will, in the drama. However, the audience learns from the chorus that whatever their intentions or decisions are, will turn out badly because of several flaws in different character's personalities. - Romeo says that he will defy fate and will go to Juliet. - Juliet defies fate, instead of marrying Paris she pretends to be dead. - Romeo had a premonition not to go to the masked ball but his decision was to go any ways after Benvolio's and Mercutio's insistence. - Romeo's character flaw is that he would not have killed himself if he hadn't rushed into the situation with Juliet. Even the Friar makes a point of telling Romeo not to stumble. - Romeo didn't rush into things like killing Tybalt, he wouldn't be exiled. His own weakness in character. - Getting married. When knowing marriage can't work. - Romeo wore a mask so that other Capulets wouldn't notice that he was a Montague. - Juliet's flaw in personality is that she trusts the nurse too much, who always talks about nonsense and keeps changing her mind. ...read more.


Perhaps it was fate for him to have the dream about his own death. (1.5.117) Romeo speaking I fear too early for my mind misgives, Some consequence, yet hanging in the stars... Romeo and Juliet both knew that they have fallen in love with their families' enemy but still strive to pursue their relationship, even marrying in secret without their parent's permission, without giving much thought to the fact that the odds are against them. Time plays a crucial role in the play because Romeo learns of Juliet's feeling for him and they marry right away without any courtship. Juliet realizes that everything is happening very quickly and makes a statement at one point but starts to rush even more by suggesting marriage. By getting married the next day, they simply do not have enough time to discover each others personalities. (2.2.118) Juliet speaking It is too rash, too unadvised, too sudden Too like lightning which doth cease to be Even Friar Lawrence, when he consents the marriage hopes that it will end the feud and the two families can be joined in happiness. Instead ironically, they become united in grief. His advice to Romeo, is to not rush into things but to think before acting. ...read more.


All of these decisions, she made herself without the nurse's help. The nurse is an old widow, taking care of Juliet and naturally feels excited for Juliet when she learns of the feeling the two lovers have for one another. She also likes to act on the moment but tells Juliet at the end of the play that things have gone too far and tells her that she should marry Paris. This is very odd advice and would've shocked people in the 16th Century, Italy because it was impossible for wives to have more than one husband. However, Romeo and Juliet are not officially married since they don't have two witnesses to observe the marriage and therefore, it is possible for Paris to marry Juliet. I believe that the Friar should hold the most responsibility for the death of the two lovers because there are certain regulations in marriage that he needed to follow, such as making sure the two people truly love each other. He needed to take into account their ages, by knowing each other only for a few moments it seems more like puppy love. Especially when after meeting Juliet his personality is more feminine and he doesn't act like himself. Romeo also has a large share of blame for his own death because of his haste and personality, causing things to become out of control. Juliet deserves some blame, for suggesting marriage and not thinking about the consequences. ...read more.

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