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It is hard luck on a guy to have expensive tastes

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It is hard luck on a guy to have expensive tastes, but no actual money in his pocket, and no real job. My Father had told me that, with him having good connections and knowing many rich and famous people, I would never really need to earn myself a living, fair enough. He had been saying this for many years, and I had believed it, but then my Father died, and my life then went on to prove how wrong his calculations were. After this happened, neither my uncle or and other relatives took the slightest notice of me, or showed any interest in my career, which was in fact non-existent. I lived in a Stately Home, this home was situated in the Northeast of Cornwall, and it was a pleasant place. But to my despair I found out that my own home was to be sold from beneath my feet. The sod decided to sell up and turn all traditional and give the money to his eldest son, I never knew that was a tradition, I always thought that the house itself would be passed down the family line, not the money it was bought for. ...read more.


I had nearly lost all my dignity and applied for a job in the local fast-food restaurant, but I managed to restrain myself. But who am I to judge? I was quickly running out of options, homelessness was quickly approaching. Having no qualifications in this world, is maybe the hardest position one could imagine being in. Well maybe not, but it was pretty high up on my 'list of importance'. I now found myself sliding down in many standards other than living conditions, such as hygiene and health. And this was it, my last night in civilised living conditions, what would I do tomorrow? My pride was not just dented, but well and truly, squashed. Tomorrow came, then the next day. I began to clutch a straws, the straws of sophistication. But I was sliding down, down the slide of hope. Basically, I was living on the streets, what's the point in hiding it? You are what you are, theirs no changing that. A strong feeling of disbelief and anger built up inside me, how could this be happening to me? Was this my fault? Had I brought this upon myself? My day was dominated by my mental confusion. ...read more.


He answered the door, well rather his butler answered the door, and he fetched my brother. I was rather upset to hear that I was called a tramp, but I suppose that's all I was. He didn't even recognise me at first, then we made eye contact and he at once invited my into the house with a subtle urgency. We both talked, and I found out that he had missed me, I also found out that subconsciously I had also missed him. My life had taken a turn for the worst, but I stuck at it. I had been through crime and poor living standards, but its life, and its full of ups and downs. We just have to learn that life is something we have to learn to deal with, if my life had gone on being perfect, I wouldn't be the man that I am today, some say its fate, and we cant change this, but I disagree. I could have decided to do the wrong thing and ruin my life completely, but I decided to do the right thing, the thing that needed to be done for a long time. And things turned out for the best, but unfortunately, this doesn't always happen to everyone. ...read more.

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