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It is not what Lesley says in ‘Her big chance’ that reveals her character. But what she doesn’t say. Discuss how this is possible through Alan Bennett’s use of a Monologue.

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It is not what Lesley says in 'Her big chance' that reveals her character. But what she doesn't say. Discuss how this is possible through Alan Bennett's use of a Monologue. Talking heads is a collection of monologues, which were written by the BBC in 1987. When they were recorded they starred some of the best and well-known actress in Britain like Maggie Smith, Patricia Routledge, Stephanie Cole, and Thora Hird. A monologue is a speech or talk made by one person to the audience. Julie Walters is one of England's leading comic actresses who plays Lesley in the chosen monologue for the chosen assessment. ...read more.


The writing Alan Bennett makes us think that Lesley is cheap and easy because he makes her going round sleeping around he uses all the other characters to do this. He makes all the other the characters talk to her as she is a little 5 year old girl because they all talk down to her and she is stupid. Lesley feels about herself that sleeping with all them men is good because people want to sleep with her she is doing something right to attract men. She is trying to create the impression that she is a successful and famous actress by referring to Tess which was a successful film yes but she was only a extra on the back of a cart. ...read more.


Alan Bennett uses the monologue to give us a bad impression about Lesley because we only see Lesley side of points which is the side the writer Alan Bennett wants us to see. Alan Bennett uses the monologue to give us a good impression about Lesley because again we only see one side and makes us feel sorry for Lesley because she is miss lead by all these men. Yes I agree with the statement that is made at the beginning of the essay because she doesn't say all of this about her feelings we get all of this from what she doesn't say so yes I do agree with the statement. ...read more.

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