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It is Sweet and Right. We began marching before the sun had fully risen, we took weapons, ammunition, water and food

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´╗┐It is Sweet and Right (Dulce et Decorum est) We began marching before the sun had fully risen, we took weapons, ammunition, water and food, nothing else was important at this stage, this was it, win or lose, live or die. We knew that every decision had to be the right one or it was the end of us, the end of Australia as we know it. We trudged for hours through crocodile infested marshland and snake infested bushland, as we marched we came across the true horrors of the vigorous and dangerous Australian Outback. Men started falling to the ground like seagulls to fresh hot chips, not a single shot had been fired yet and we were already beginning to lose. I kept my head high while I marched, but with all too long I too began to stumble drunk with fatigue I tripped on a stick, falling to my knees. As I tried to get up I only fell harder. ...read more.


We ran as fast as we good weaving in and out of trees, jumping over fallen logs and dodging enemy fire coming from behind. Explosions surrounded us as we sprinted through timberland, spreading blood and carnage throughout. As we continued to run we began to fire back, at every safe bit of cover we found we stopped and tried to take out as many enemies as we could, firing randomly into the bushes. We lobbed grenades and flash bangs into the woods in the hope that it would aid in our escape. As we continued into the forest we found a trench, dug by the enemy for us, we had been running into a trap. The only way out was to climb down into the trench and find our way through the dirt maze. The enemy being some distance behind us we decided to make a game plan. ?Alright boys, it?s do or die. ...read more.


All of a sudden an ecstasy of fumbling overcame us we had to get our gas masks on. As I reached for my belt and felt for my mask I realised I had forgotten it at the spring. I had put it down in order to fill my canteen. I stood there star struck a blank look on my face with no expression, a single tear running down my face when out of nowhere I was tackled into the mud with a mask forced around my face but when I looked up to see my saviour all I could see was a pale faced, brown haired, white eyed body which muttered with its last breath: ?Survive private.? I dragged the corpse to the trench wall and hid under it until the chaos had stopped. Once the enemies had passed on I got out from under the body and scouted for survivors there was only one other, it was Frankie. He asked me how I survived, and with a blank look on my face I pointed at the withered body of our beloved captain, Skipper. ...read more.

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