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It's a Dog's Life.

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It's a Dog's Life After waiting all day, he finally arrived. I heard the slow purring of his motorbike as he cruised down the driveway. Slowly, the door opened and I could smell the pleasant aroma of petrol mixed with fresh air blow through the door as I ran towards it. The door shut. He ignored me as he walked into the house, heading straight for his office shutting the door behind him. I waited a while and eventually decided to retire to my bed, a small bean-bag on the floor in the corner of the kitchen... I awoke to see him putting on walking-boots and holding the rope and stick, "Am I going on a walk?" ...read more.


Trying again to free myself, I was this time tapped on the nose with 'the stick'. I decided to try and ignore the curious and wonderful smells that were wafting towards me but I couldn't, they were too much. I started to tug on the rope once more. "Why do I have to have a rope anyway?" I thought to myself. Still tugging on the rope it suddenly unclicked from the collar. I started to run, not caring, that he was calling me back. That evening the moon was shining brightly and as I lay in my new found home, a cardboard box down an alley, I gazed at the sky to see it was filled with twinkling stars. ...read more.


Suddenly, I heard a man's voice shouting my name "Jasper, Jasper" could it be him? I darted across the road towards the voice. The next thing I remember is waking up in a veterinary clinic with a large heavy object around one of my legs and a big plastic cone attached to my neck. I could hear voices which turned out to be vets discussing how lucky I am to be alive and that if the car had been going any faster I wouldn't have made it. I was picked up after a few days at the vets and taken home where I was to have a lot of rest. I will never forget what it was like to be free, but now I realise how much my "owners" do for me and I would much rather sleep on a bean-bag than in a box any day. ...read more.

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