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It's a Dog's Life.

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It's a Dog's Life Is that him? It sounds like him. I cower under the bed, and wait. It's nice under here; he can't get to me. Good, it's only the paperboy-he likes me. I run to the door, and take the paper in my mouth, he waves at me through the glass, and I jump up at the door, and bark excitedly. He barks back playfully, and I wag my tail. I wish I lived with him, a sweet, innocent little boy who would never lift a finger to hurt me. I smile and lay on the cold, tiled floor, he will be back soon. I do hope he's had a good day. I don't know if my frail old body could take much more of his harsh beatings. He used to be such a gentle, loving man, but ever since poor Sally and Marie died in a car accident, he's become cruel and nasty. ...read more.


"Dog, get your miserable body over here now, I've got some food for you," he bellows at me. I struggle as I lift my scrawny carcass off the ground, my poor old bones ache. I lower my head and waddle over to his armchair. He pours beer over my head and hurls a can of dog food at me, it hits me on the leg and I whine in pain. I collapse on the floor, then he walks over and kicks me in the ribs. I yelp, and hear a loud voice. Surprisingly, it's not his voice. I painfully lift my head, and see a stranger standing outside the window. "Hey, Mister. You can't do that to a dog!" shouts the stranger, and pushes past the open door. He tries to run, but there is a struggle. ...read more.


I liked them so I was allowed to stay with them for a whole week. The lady and the tall RSPCA man talked, and the next thing I knew, the gentle RSPCA man was waving goodbye to me. I would miss him as well as all the other kind people, but I knew that could live a happier life without him. My thoughts were broken by the sound of a kind, gentle voice, calling my new name. "Come on, Kizzy, we're having dinner now. " It was Timmy, the little boy who would take care of me for the rest of my life. Timmy turned around to go back into the house, and I got a sudden warm feeling. I felt for the first time in a long while, that I had a home, and a family who actually cared about me. I belonged. ...read more.

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