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It's A Man Thing.

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OCR English GCSE Coursework It's A Man Thing Alex Cook The wind began to pick up and the temperature began to fall the thought crossed his mind to stop and take shelter until it died down. Bryn's brain debated this issue but his ego finalised the decision, they broke over the edge of the overhang to see just another nearly identical one. The dog, Macduff, quite used to these types of expedition, found his own way up and around, he was after all a Scottish terrier and this kind of thing was in his blood. Heidi thought back to her metropolitan penthouse, and thought what bliss a nice long soak in her Jacuzzi would be. She even decided she was going to drive out to see her parents when she got back, she hadn't seen them in at least a couple of weeks. She was sharply snapped back to reality by a slip of her foot on the wet granite rock, the granite became as slippery as marble in these conditions. She again let her mind wander and was trying to get her head round why Bryn had ever wanted to go on such an expedition for this kit sponsorship. It wasn't for the fun of it, because he was completely brain washed by competitiveness. ...read more.


She didn't want him complaining about her speed for the sixth time on the journey. It really was hurtful the way he looked at her and said such things. They had reached the overhang and Bryn was nearly up over it. As soon as Bryn was over it, Heidi looked around for Macduff to see if he had found his own way up yet. As she did so she leaned about a full hundred degrees to view down below her. This caused more tension than usual on the harness and it began to give. She felt it go and in almost slow motion began to plummet down towards the sharp rocks at the bottom; the rope stopped her abruptly around her foot. This in turn pulled her knee from its socket. She transferred from shock of falling quickly to shock of pain, at which point she let out a shrill high pitch scream. Bryn felt the rope snap back from him and heard the scream; he quickly crawled back to the edge to look down, upon the predicament Heidi was in. "Just what I need" he muttered to himself. Bryn began to assess the situation and decided the quickest action was to pull her by the rope wrapped around her leg. ...read more.


He glanced at his watch once more before he started to climb, it illuminated the fact that he was a good five minutes behind schedule and he thought bitterly back to when Heidi had slowed him down. As he neared the top he heard voices. He thought that even though he was five minutes behind he would still win. He heaved himself up over the edge to see the team leader of another team pouring one of his partners a glass of champagne. He let out a howl of anger and was nearly in tears at this sight. His efforts to win had been in vain. He cast his mind back to Heidi just lying there and a wave of guilt fell over him. He set back down the path he had come, as he neared where he had left her all he could hear was the dog whining. And he saw the motionless body of his long-term girlfriend lying there pale. It was a morning not too dissimilar to the one of that tragic day not three weeks past when they found his note on the kitchen table of his new penthouse apartment in London. It clearly stated that he had been selfish back then and could no longer live with himself. He lay there in the dark pink water of the warm bath, eyes open and a look of shock on his pale face. ...read more.

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