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It's a rainy afternoon in Montreal. At the airport I pick up my luggage to wait in line. I give my ticket to the attendant so I could board

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The Most Important Value It's a rainy afternoon in Montreal. At the airport I pick up my luggage to wait in line. I give my ticket to the attendant so I could board the airplane. I'm thirty-five years old. I have luscious black hair and I am six foot even. As I hand in my luggage, I wave goodbye to my loving wife and children. I have been married for nine years. My six year old and eight year old children start to cry. They did not want me to leave. My wife waves back happily while wiping a tear from her beautiful face. She also tried to comfort our children. I know I'm making the right choice. I want this new job. We have been discussing this matter for weeks. My wife disagreed saying this job was useless and that we didn't need the money. I told her I didn't like my current job and wanted something new even if it was far away from home. She asked me what was more important, our family or your new job? I replied saying the job was only for a couple months and then I would come back. She would always reply saying what about the children? I would say the same thing, it's only for a couple of months and then I would be back. While walking away from my family, a cold rush of wind goes through my body. ...read more.


This is not a hallucination. At that moment I knew it was over. The voice spoke again, "We are going to take an emergency landing. Please remain calm in your seats." At the end of the intercom everyone's voice starts to rise rapidly from shouting to screaming. People begin to get out of their seats and scream in fear. The stewardesses try to settle the passengers but their efforts were futile. I decide to stay in my seat and remain calm. I didn't want to make more trouble for the stewardesses. I watch others who are praying for their lives. Others were just in their seats trembling. I turn my head around towards the emergency exit. I see a man trying to escape from the plane by opening the emergency exit. I scream at the top of my lungs, "Nooooooooooo." I get up from my seat and dart towards the man, but it's too late. He open the door and instantly he flung out. I quickly grab onto a seat. I look on watching many innocent people being sucked out the door. My feet began floating in the air towards the emergency exit while I hang on my chair. All of a sudden the voice from the speakers spoke again, "Passengers, we are about to land. Please stay buckled in your seats." I start feeling my fingers slipping. I tighten myself onto the chair. ...read more.


I realise I will need supplies so I could survive in this harsh climate. Before I start taking any food and clothes I realise that I shouldn't take them. What would be the point of carrying all those supplies? They would always be at the plane crash site. I start thinking of ways to communicate for help. Finding a cell phone would be the only way since the radio which is at the front of the plane is most likely smashed. I remember that I had a cell phone in my pocket. I check in the pocket which I had left it in, but I couldn't find it. I start checking every other pocket that I have with no success. Finally the thought had come to me. It must have fallen out of my pocket from the place I had fallen. I start retracing my steps back to where I originally started. I start walking back to the place I think I might have gotten up from. While searching for the place I had been dropped, I stumble upon a man faced down on the white snow with a cell phone next to him. Oddly it seems similar to my own cell phone. The cell phone displays a low battery signal and then all of a sudden the cell phone didn't display anything. At that instant I wanted to see the face of the man whose cell phone had died. I wanted to view the idiot who couldn't recharge his cell phone. I slowly turn over the body and I stood back with no emotion. He was me! ...read more.

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