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It's been 'fore' years.

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It's been 'fore' years It's been four years now since it happened. It was tragic. Jim and I are two of the surviving 1095 people on earth the foods becoming more plentiful as time goes on. Jim, and I we stick together. It all started on the 26th of May 2003 when I was out playing a game of football with my mates when Jim asked, "Hey William, do you want to go out golfing tomorrow?" "Maybe," I replied "It depends whether I get a new set of clubs for my birthday tomorrow because my old clubs are wrecked." "O.K William, just phone me in the morning and tell me if you can go or not." Replied Jim. So I said I would phone him at 11:30am. The next morning I woke up and run down the stairs and looked everywhere but couldn't find any golf clubs. At that point my mum came down the stairs to find out why I was making so much noise. I told her a little fib. She handed me a small envelope and said, "Happy birthday son." "What is it?" I asked. "Well, open it and you will find out!" she exclaimed. So I opened it and pulled out a little card which said on it 'Hand this card to a senior member of staff at Tinsel town golf club and thou shall receive one set of Big Bertha golf clubs on demand. ...read more.


"I don't know," I replied "I don't listen in class." Anyway we walked about for a couple of hours until we came across a man calling, "HELP!!" at the top of his lungs. The sight of the man with no legs made me sick. The man howled a loud, "AHHHHHH!" before dieing. We walked another few miles then Jim asked, "Can we take rest or try and find some food and water as I am not felling so good, my head hurts and I'm felling queasy?" "We can take a rest but we haven't had any luck finding food or water so far so I don't think we will find any now." I told him. Just then I saw an island across the water about thirty meters away, it had a pineapple tree on it but one problem was that we couldn't get to it with out a boat. "Why don't we carve a boat out of that log over there, just a small canoe type boat to paddle over in." suggested Jim. "What makes you think that that can be done?" I asked. "We learnt about the native Americans doing it in history class last week! You spoon! You know I don't see why you just don't listen in class because some of the stuff you learn might actually be useful some day!" ...read more.


After fifty odd loads back and forth we finally had enough materials to build it. We got started right away but we only got a small bit of it done before it got dark. The next day we finished it off. It wasn't that big but it would do for now. Jim said we couldn't sleep in it for a night or two just to see if it would stay standing over night or not. It was pretty sturdy so I didn't expect it to fall down anyway. When we woke up the next morning I was still standing but it was a bit wet inside so I went back to the mainland and got some plastic sheets and we lay them down on top of the tree house and put bricks on top to hold them down. That night we slept in our tree house and it felt like it was the best nights sleep I had ever had. Within the next few years' trees grew on nearby islands so we had more to eat. There were banana trees, apple trees, orange trees and pear trees. The people who survived the bomb started to rebuild the city and bring it back to life, they asked Jim and I to come and help build and in return they would look after us but we said we were fine where we where. So this is me now living in a tree house that Jim and I built four years ago. ...read more.

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