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It's raining.

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It's raining. It hasn't rained this hard since the day she left me, the day she told me how she'd sold her ring. It took three months wages to buy that ring, three whole months and she just sold it to a complete stranger, told me she didn't love me anymore. She'll be leaving work soon, on her way home. Eleven-thirty, same time she does every night, only tonight is different. Tonight she won't be getting home. This is the last night those men will look at her. He's going to sort that out for me. He'll have to leave soon too; otherwise he'll miss her, but maybe that would be better. This could be the only chance to free me, I can't go on, when every move I make depends on her, I can't let her control my life anymore I need to break free. The world outside is looking even less inviting, full moon. Its overcast the stars are blurred. Well not just the stars, everything is blurred. ...read more.


It's not pounding as much as my heart though, my hearts pounding like thunder, like a trapped animal, there's a storm raging inside me, I cant lose her. My feet are getting heavier after every step I take, I can feel a cold sweat rushing all over my body, my hands are gripped so tightly with fear, I can't run any faster. It's such a busy place, so full of people all the time, so full of life. Still I feel alone, empty without her. My heart beats faster still, I keep seeing him, first in front of me then behind, he's going to hurt her. How can it have come to this, why did she have to leave me, things were so perfect. I can see him properly no, there's no mistaking it he's just across the road. Weaving in and out of the yellow taxis I think I'm getting closer to him. I'm passing so many trees, the more I pass the less I can work out there shape, i'm losing all definition. ...read more.


He flicked out the knife that had been gripped in his hand so tightly all this way, he can see me in its reflection, he's smiling. She's dropped her cigarette onto the floor and is running, he's running after her, and I after him. Her heels are sinking into the wet ground, he's catching her, but I'm catching him. As he wrapped his tired hands around her neck I began to struggle with him, I begged him to stop, and so did she. Her body grew heavy with the dread of what was to come. The knife fell to the ground, I had control, I'd beaten him. I released her from my grip, brushed back my scraggly hair, grabbed her hand, tried to feel for a pulse. There wasn't one. Then I looked at her hand, it glistened at me, like her eyes used to, her ring she still had it on. Maybe she did still love me. I cried for her to come back to me, the end came anyway. Then I felt it, the ice-cold air flowing over me, around me and through me, she was dead, he had killed her, I had killed her. ...read more.

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