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It seemed like I had just woken up from a dream. I felt like I was lying on clouds. I sat up to see that I was not in an information cabin, but a whole new world. Something you would see in a fairy tale. I

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The Cupboard It was a regular spring morning when I thought it would be a good day to do some shopping. It was a nightmare to get to Watford. The Driver thought it was the 142 to Brent Cross. I got off the bus and as it was already two o' clock, it was too late to go to Watford. So I walked back to the bus stop. I must have been distracted because I went up a completely different road. I went into one of the estates to see if anyone could show me the way back to the bus stop. There was a group of boys which I tried to avoid as I carried on walking. Then I realised there was an information cabin. I started to walk faster and faster until eventually I was running. When I reached the cabin, there was no one at the window. I looked around to see if it had closed down or had an away sign. ...read more.


I quickly walked up the path and I had noticed something lying on the grass. I walked nearer, curious to see what it was. I was disappointed when I saw it was another little person. I picked up a stick and poked it to see if it was alive. It did not move. So I poked it again. It jumped up. I screamed, and it screamed. She explained to me who she was. Her name was Dorothy Perkins. She had an incredibly squeaky voice, which was extremely irritating. 'Do not be alarmed', she said. 'I am not like one of the other people, I am normal'. I found this a little hard to believe as she was skipping and jumping around. I had no other choice, so I followed her up to the building. We entered the building, which turned out to be a castle. Then Dorothy started to run, and so did I. faster and faster but I had no idea why. ...read more.


It lit up the whole room. The queen stormed in. I froze once again. Surprisingly, she did not see me. She walked directly to one of the tables and, took off her face. I quickly hid behind a large statue. I looked down at Dorothy. 'Did I forget to tell you? The queen is actually really ugly; she just wears the mask for her to look beautiful'. I thought deeply for I moment. I could not think why she would wear a mask. But then it hit me. The diamonds; if she did not have the mask. She would not have the diamonds. I did not know what had inspired me to do what I had done. Something in my head just urged me to do it. I hugged Dorothy and said goodbye. Then as quickly as I possibly could, leaped out from behind the statue, grabbed the mask, and ran into the cabin. The next thing I noticed, I was back in my attic and it was filled with diamonds. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rosette Melao 9E Wednesday 15th February 2006 ...read more.

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