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It Took His Life The doorbell on the shop door gently rang, as Liam opened it and walked in. It wasn't late, about 6 O' clock. Hours at his work had been non-ending recently and he knew the Marie, his wife and Lilly his little girl had been missing him terribly and he them. He loved them both so much that if a canyon contained his love the Grand Canyon would leave a lot to be desired compared to the one that captivated his love for his family. He had stopped off on his way home to buy a beautiful bouquet of Lillies for his darling wife, and a LULU doll for Lilly his daughter. She had been asking for one for a long time now but Liam hadn't had the time to go out and get one for her, and Marie had persisted that she had already to many toys. However Liam was under the loving impression that Lilly would never have to many toys and never too much love and nurturing in her life. After collecting and paying for his goods he left to head for home. Marie phoned Liam on his way home to see how much longer he was going to be, he explained that he wouldn't be too much longer and he had a surprise for her. ...read more.


He didn't dare turn around to see his dying wife's face. The shame was to unbearable just imagining her face. He heard her cough and cry, moan and whimper as the smoke engulfed her body as he ran down the stairs. A passing car shook him from his hypnotic trance and brought him back to the street where destiny had the night before left him insecure and abandoned. The sun was shining brightly now and neighbors had started to leave their houses to go about their daily routine. One woman caught his eye. She had blonde hair, tall and slender, all dressed in black, very smart looking, sophisticated and flawless. She looked over and softly smiled. Liam slowly tilted his head to one side and tried to edge up the corners of his mouth to return the friendly gesture. It was as though his mouth was never going to smile again. His head wanted to but his body was too weak with depression to even try. The woman must have seen the drama the night before, how could she have missed it. She lived only three doors down from Liam, her name was unknown but her face was familiar. She looked a little like his wife, same hairstyle, same important appearance, as she walked past her scented perfume drifted into the man's flared nostrils. ...read more.


Liam was forced away from the house by two paramedics, and into the third ambulance at the scene. As the ambulance drove off away from the house, you could still hear the agonising howls from the back of the vehicle several yards down the street. If God himself hadn't heard the cries of pain, grief and confusion, the loud and helpless prayers he yelled in front of an enquiring crowd, than not many prayers must be heard. The sun was high in the sky when the man turned away from the worst nightmare, he had have ever encountered awake or asleep, rather it felt like a dream but when the man looked to his left where his wife always stood and looked down to where his little girl held his hand and looked up to him and smiled, her face filled with joy and prosperity and neither were there, he was repeatedly reminded that he was in a reality. This reality reminded him that a fire does not have to kill you to take your life. He silently started to walk, again not looking back towards the house because the remorse was to much to cope with and having only regained enough strength to walk away towards his care he had no intension of loosing yet again nothing more to the fire that had taken his life and so much more. The life of Marie and Lilly. ...read more.

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