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It was 4.00pm in London, England rush hour, it was a typical winters day, cold wet and windy. In the Houses of Commons Tony Blair and George W Bush were having a heated argument about the current arms affairs in the U.S.A.

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It was 4.00pm in London, England rush hour, it was a typical winters day, cold wet and windy. In the Houses of Commons Tony Blair and George W Bush were having a heated argument about the current arms affairs in the U.S.A. Suddenly there was a loud explosion from the car park under the House of Commons, flames engulfed the entire building. The historical building was totally destroyed in just a few seconds, only twelve people survived the blast. Within a couple of minutes, there were fire engines, police cars and ambulances rushing towards the flaming rubble were Big Ben had once stood. Everyone started to panic, on lookers were screaming as people from the wreckage ran away from the building. One of the fire crew pulled out what looked like Tony Blair's body, the good news was he was still alive and he was rushed off to hospital. About half an hour later President Bush was pulled from the rubble his body was lifeless, they put his cold body into a body bag, the people around the dead Presidents body were devastated as tears flooded from there eyes and trickled down there faces. Then the public learnt that the British Prime Minister died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. The people in U.S.A and Britain were devastated two of the world's leaders were dead in a matter of hours, the world went into shock, the public wanted revenge. ...read more.


Tom was waiting in anticipation for the train to come so he could try to catch up with "Big H". Suddenly a black Land Drover shunted Tom's car, the black car then went straight into the back of the jaguar. Toms car was getting pushed onto the train track with the train only around the corner Tom was trying to reverse his car but it was no use he was still being pushed towards the track. It was useless Tom couldn't do anything every second that went by he was coming closer and closer to his death. Tom in total desperation jumped out of his car onto the side of the track just before the freight train smashed into the Jaguar the noise was horrendous as the train put on the brakes on. Tom stated firing at the Land drover causing one of the tyres to go flat. The Chinese man got out of his car and started running down the street Tom chased after the man knowing he was not going to catch him, he got down on one knee took aim and fired .His shot the short chinaman in the back of his head killing him instantly. Tom ran over to the body which was in a pool of dark red blood he looked into the pockets of the dead Chinaman and found out who his name was Sou Wang and he worked for "Dark Eagle" This job was starting to get very dangerous, Harry Wilson knew the FBI were on to him. ...read more.


The police had also position snipers on the top of the surrounding buildings waiting for the order to take down the terrorist. As Tom De Wolf entered the building he was ordered to drop his gun on the floor and kick it over to the Frenchman, Tom did what the tall bearded man said. As the FBI agent walked into the lobby of the Hotel he realized that this was a one-man show. The terrorist managed to lock all the guest in there rooms, he also rounded all the hotel staff in the lobby and had them all lying on the fall face down. "Who are you?" Tom asked. "It doesn't matter who I am I will be dead soon" replied the French man. The Frenchman then lifted up his top and showed Tom the bomb strapped to his chest. There was easily enough explosives on this man body to blow up the ten story building, Tom had to tread very carefully because this man was a walking time bomb and if the man got annoyed it could be the end for the new American hero and all the other people in the Hotel. "What do you want" tom asked. "Nothing" said the Frenchman "I just want you to know that you can't stop Dark Eagle we have more than one leader. We are all prepared to die, we have money and we will do anything and I mean anything!!!"[d1] [d1] The Last Attack Craig Umbleja ...read more.

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