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It Was a Dark Murky Night

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It was a dark murky night and the grey evil looking clouds hurled their way over the twilight moon. The sharp wind cut its way briskly through the trees creating an eerie spooky sound. The prehistoric shabby trees curled towards the dwelling habitance of the ancient house as if they were to swallow it in one big gulp. There was silence. Apart from the constant humming of the few street lights that were and the frequent riotous barking of a wild astray dog there was no other sound in the cold dismal dead end road. Tip. Tap. Tip Tap. It started to rain. Small but sharp raindrops fell to the floor. Vision started to blur as the small raindrops marakiously changed to constant pounding raindrops blistering the tarmac and anything else in its way. He waited crouched uncomfortably down beside an old shabby looking tree. He was tall but his figure was hidden in a long hooded coat. He was as still as a feather. Waiting. Waiting. He slid his long leather coated hand into what looked like a secret compartment in his coat and viciously pulled out a shiny object. A knife. Patience was turning thin, he could not bear to wait any longer. He turned to face the house for a distraction form his inpatientness. His mind was to ask questions. He started to shiver and he knew he was loosing his self-confidence if he didn't get his task over and down with soon. ...read more.


He was enough to give a child nightmares as his ace spoke for his personality and mentality. He was a cold-blooded evil man. He stopped. Reaching into his pocket he gradually pulled out the knife again pointed it in the air and carried on walking slowly and gruesomely. A cat screeched as the tall dark figure stepped onto it but scurried away soon after. Bang. She dropped the plates onto the floor. The large china plates smashed into pieces creating a bed of thorns. What was that noise? Picking up the plates she realised it was probably two cats fighting which started to get her more worried as that's suppose to symbolise trouble. Slowly bending his long scarred neck as far as he could he searched for the cat as he started stabbing the air vigorously. Nothing to be found. His attention was quickly diverted as he noticed light coming from the back door he was amazed to see it open and grinned to himself as he was understanding his task would be easier then he has suspected. He stopped right outside the door his breath forming steam on the window door as he slightly opened it to see if it was safe to enter the house. No one was around he suspected the woman has gone upstairs to change. Again holding the knife high in the air as if he had just been given a trophy he was lifting up he opened the door wide enough to get in, walking in he slowly closed the door behind him not to make a noise. ...read more.


This was the moment to take revenge. Throwing the knife as high into the air as possible the zombie like figure, which looked as if it had gotten some life to itself, ran into the room in large horrifying strides. Blood trickled everywhere as if a fountain had burst open. Splashes of red thick blood oozed off the walls, the woman who was now on the floor panting and swinging herself around on the floor to get away was helpless, her screams echoed out the room down the stairs and disappeared. The tall dark figure did not give up. The stabbing was not to end. He carried on slicing the woman who was now screaming and yelling in a sea of her own blood, the more she screamed the more assurance he felt, he was getting his revenge, he had waited long for this moment. The woman was kicking her hands and feet like a fish, which had been taken out of water; she was frantic with pain and horror. He stopped. A tear fell from his eye and absorbed itself into the large furry carpet, which was now covered in red thick blood. Her hand slowly reached out to the carpet as she dug her nails into it to relieve the pain, she knew she was about to die, only a few seconds had past and her hand released the carpet she was holding tight in the security of her hand. She was dead. Leaving the scene the horrid looking zombie walked slowly into the moonlight, who will be his next victim? ...read more.

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