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It was a nice day - bright and warm. The orphanage was going to put a new wash on the old peeling walls. We needed a fresh place for the children. All of us workers were discussing which colour

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It was a nice day - bright and warm. The orphanage was going to put a new wash on the old peeling walls. We needed a fresh place for the children. All of us workers were discussing which colour would suit the place best. It came down to white. Pure and simple - innocent like the children. I've worked at the orphanage for ten happy years. Seeing the children grow and becoming a part of new families became the highlight of my life. From Monday to Friday I would go to the college. I had one year left until I would become a high school teacher. On the weekends, I would drive to the orphanage early in the morning, and come home late at night, or sometimes I would even spend the night there. The orphanage was my second home. The children became a part of me. One day, I would adopt one, and raise them as one of my own. We finished painting all the walls at exactly eight in the evening. We planned to paint the last coat next morning. For now the staff was taking a rest, admiring our work. Bedtime was at eight-thirty, so our break was cut short. Anyways, bedtime was the best part of the day. My favourite kids were John, Mary, and David. ...read more.


He was an honor student, the captain of the basketball team, and the class President. All the girls admired him and all the boys wanted to be friends with him. The teachers thought he was a perfect example of a good student. Even Jacob knew all this, but he tried not to show off his pride too much. One day, as Jacob was walking to the bus stop, he saw a group of guys from school crowded around someone. He couldn't make out who it that person was, but as he came closer, he could see a boy and a girl standing in the center. It was David, the blind boy that took special classes at school. Beside him was a girl from Jacob's math class, Mary. She was one of those quiet students that always did her homework. Mary was also beautiful in a subtle way, which was a quality that Jacob liked. Mary was holding David's arm with a scared look on her face. The guys around David and Mary were bullying and mocking them, throwing their lunch leftovers at David. They were all from Jacob's basketball team, so he ran up to them and said, "Hey! Knock it off, you guys! ...read more.


Jacob became furious ordered them to speak. His parents hesitantly told him the truth. Jacob had been adopted from an orphanage, and his real name was John, just like Ms. Something had called him. The past that Jacob had always wanted to know was now haunting him. He was not his parents' son. He had blinded David. The locket was not lucky at all. It was because of the locket that has brought him this horror. For the next few days, Jacob did not attend school. Ms. Something had found out Mary knew the truth about Jacob, herself and David, so she told Mary not to tell David anything. David kept asking where Jacob was, and said that Jacob still had to help him finish the project. All three of them were upset, but most of all, it was Ms. Something who was truly heartbroken. Last night, she had received an apology letter from Jacob, and with that, a document saying that when he dies he will donate his eyes to David. The next morning, the principle told the teaching staff that a student named Jacob Yonge died in a car accident the night before. It was said by the police that Jacob had committed suicide by speeding his car into a light post. "An eye for an eye" - those were his last words in the letter. ...read more.

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