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It was almost one O’clock and the afternoon heat made him tired.

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It was almost one O'clock and the afternoon heat made him tired. He looked around for a shortcut. Ray-J then realised that spinning his head was not such a good idea as the polluting fumes seemed to get to his head quicker, making him dizzy. He then decided to take a cool shadowy alley. The alley was about fifty yards away, but seemed much further in the heat. On one side of the street, the grey stoops stepped up to the graffitied apartment doors. There was just a little air; the wind stood still. The sun clasped his skin as he struggled each step. The air swayed slightly when a truck floated past; the clinkering not heard as the sunlight drowned any noise. ...read more.


The sunlight pulled away the shade from Ray-J's anxious face. Scanning for a gang of boys in blue colours, they made their way to the park and stood behind the barbed fence. Their nine heads turned as woofers blasting out bass, roared up the street - hellish music getting closer and louder as it diffused through the light like a rank odour. Ray-J's heart pounded - the bass getting harder; a battering warning to his heart. "Go!" Bodies dived left and right. The out burst of metal being spat, shrieked. The light reflecting off the car flared and it was difficult to keep their eyes on the target. Ray-J scrambled across the rickety paving slabs, and squatted behind a trashcan. ...read more.


Jermaine and Tyrone scurried to one of the nearby stoops and bust the door in to hide inside the building. The door sealed behind them. Jake curtailed down the withering street. Desperate for escape, Ray-J dashed in the same direction. Panting, Ray-J scurried round the corner. He sucked in as much air as he could in the few seconds that he had stopped in. He raised his head. Which way did he go? He scampered forward slowly. He heard footsteps echoing from an alley further down the street. Then silence. The still cut through his throat as he gulped with ominous suspicion. The gunshots tore through the stillness. Ray-J felt a shock of pain in his chest. Without realising what had just happened, he fell to the concrete like a tree being deforested. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rupinder Chahal May 1st, 2002 Ghettos, Guns and Gashes ...read more.

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