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It was dusk when George arrived in Cleveland, and all he could think of was sleep. He aimlessly found his way to a dimly lit hotel. The hotel wasnt buzzing with people, but it did seem to have some small spark that kept it alive and warm

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Julie Truong Professor Hopkins English 1B 17 May 2011 All of Nothing It was dusk when George arrived in Cleveland, and all he could think of was sleep. He aimlessly found his way to a dimly lit hotel. The hotel wasn't buzzing with people, but it did seem to have some small spark that kept it alive and warm. He was greeted by a receptionist who gave him a key to a room. There was a small fragile girl who was reading next to her. She glanced up and their eyes met for a second, but George too exhausted, took the key and went off without saying a word to her. The next morning he woke up with the sunlight beaming at his face through the west window. He staggered across the room to shut the shutters. George frustrated thinking it was too early to be awake, decided anyways that he might as well get up and start the day. He went down to the lobby and came across Tess again. She was a small delicate looking girl, and she was pale yet she had a brilliant glow to her. Her hair was a faded blonde however, it still had a beautiful healthy shine to it. "Good morning. You're new here aren't you?" she spoke. "I was going to introduce myself last night, but you seemed a little dazed and disoriented. I'm Tess by the way." George a little surprised by how casually she approached him. He seemed a little bewildered but managed to speak. "Oh, hi, I'm George. Yeah, I just left my hometown in search of a new start and a new life," George replied. ...read more.


"That was your father, even if you didn't have a good relationship with him; a father is still a father nonetheless. He still loves you without end. He just wanted the best for you. Maybe this life isn't for you, and maybe you shouldn't become a writer. There are other things out there, and maybe you're meant to do something else." She looked at George for some sort of reply. He looked up at her at spoke. "You think you know him? You think you know me? Well you don't," George spoke in frustration. "He has never been there for me. He always tells me what he wants me to be and never thinks about what I want." George raised his voice, "I hate him, he didn't care about my mother and she eventually died, and if I stayed there with him or go wherever he wanted me to go, I would probably die in the end too. I wanted to get away from everything that made me think wrongly, and he was one of them. He could never be a real man; he could never be a true father." The both stood in silence for a moment. Tess breathed, "George, your wrong. He was more of a father now than ever if you didn't see that. He cared enough to try and get his son back. He wanted to do what's best for you. You need to grow up and see that." George was furious cried out, "Grow Tess? I'm not the one that needs to grow up. I'm the last person that needs to grow up. I'm more mature than anyone here, and I'm more than a man than my father will ever be. ...read more.


George makes the mistake that he believes everything his father wanted at that moment is a lie, and that everything his father had said was a lie. He believed that his father never wanted the best for him, when in reality his father did. He thinks that Tom has never been there for him, that he was never a good father. Although, the grotesque of it is that no one really knows how to be a good father. The tree is depicted on top of a hill as it connects with the old man in the first chapter of Anderson's book. It resembles how he wanted his bed raised higher to overlook everyone and everything. The tree is a Weeping Willow because, later George breaks down and cries there. It is where he shows his true emotions. He feels as though he has broken through and that he is somewhat reborn. Although, he seems to have lost everything that once mattered to him. In the end George runs away, and goes back to Winesburg. The path he chose led him back to where he began. One could say it was predestined for him to be there, to live and eventually die alone as well. The snow that covered his footprints when he went back to the willow tree also portrayed this too. It showed that no matter where he goes, people will overtime forget and move on. It shows that things simply come and go. George is the old man in the first chapter "The Book of the Grotesque" at the end of my story. He ends up growing old, alone, and does end up becoming a writer. To him, being alone and living with no other true connection with the outside world kept him alive. ?? ?? ?? ?? Truong 1 ...read more.

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