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It was mid day and the snow had settled and was quite heavy.

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Original writing coursework 1 It was mid day and the snow had settled and was quite heavy. The sky was thick and ocean grey with it. A jumbo jet lumbered out of the clouds towards Heathrow airport. It approached the runway guided by lights from the ground. Among the herd of passengers was I, a young asian girl. I sat clutching my seat, feeling scared, whilst the plane made its bumpy landing. I followed the other passengers out to the airport bus and into the entrance. I was bewildered and exhausted, and the stinging blizzard frightened me a little. I had heard of snow but never seen it; it was cold wet stuff that clung onto your hair and eyelashes. I shivered as I waited for my luggage, holding tight onto my woolen coat that my mum had bought me to wear over my shalwar kameeze. I didn't understand the customs officer who spoke to me. His English was far too fast for me to follow. I had learned a little in school, in India, but only understood when spoken to slowly. I followed the chattering groups again, too scared to look for a trolley for my lugguage. I felt confused by the pale and indistinguishable faces of the English travellers and by the rapid prattle of their voices. "I must be brave," I thought "for my family back home I must be brave" After all the tedious waiting and searching, I finally got through the arrival lounge. Instantly I caught sight of my auntie Selina and Uncle Tariq, waiting for me. I forced my tears to stop and cracked a smile. They greeted and welcomed me and assured me this is where I belong. They couldn't have children so therefore fostered me. My father died a couple of years ago so my mother couldn't financially bring all five of us up on her own. I hope I will be able to meet my mum again. I am already starting to miss her. ...read more.


Brilliant this is exactly what I need right now, a storm. Maybe the weather was trying to echo all of my emotions, and succeeding without an effort. I continued walking talking small cautious steps. Reassuring myself that someone will stop and help me, but the place was deserted. The climate was very cold, different to what I was used to back in India. My clothes clung onto my skin, and my feet in my leather sandals were pleading to be covered. I felt very cold and lonely all at the same time terrified. I had walked for miles now not knowing where was. I was due home for three thirty. All of a sudden in the far distance I could make out a young girl approaching towards me. As she came closer, I recognized her from school she was one of the girls who was pointing and laughing. I prayed to god she would stop and help me. She was walking in the opposite direction. She saw me and stopped, she stared at me from top to bottom. "Hello you speak English, no?" said the girl. As she spoke she emphasized each word and she gestured wildly with her hands. "Mujhe malum nahe hai, kai may kaha hu? Mujhe gar jahna hai," (I need to go home I'm lost) I tried explaining hoping she would understand. My auntie had made me learn the address, so I recited that to her. I think she understood. She smiled and put her hand out towards me,"Mary"she said with a glistening smile. I shook her hand and replied "Sophia". She kept hold of my hand and started leading me in another direction. The rain had calmed down, but there was still a little drizzle. Finally we entered street, which I recognized, it was my auntie's house. I pointed at it. Mary left me at the gate she waved and walked off. ...read more.


What has my mother done she is getting me married. I can't believe this! Everyone has made decisions for me assuming I will be all right with them. No one has asked or listened to me. They have made a life changing decision without even breathing a word to me about it, until it has all been decided. I lie in my bed every night crying myself to sleep thinking my life is in such a mess and I have no control over it. I have stopped going to school, a brighter side to this entire situation. My flight is due next Wednesday. Auntie is acting very nice towards me; she has suddenly changed since she heard the dreaded news. She is probably pleased that she is getting rid of me, for all the trouble I have caused. She has bought me some new clothes that I am going to wear when I go back. I am getting scared day by day, for which stranger is awaiting me when I get of the plane. For the first time I am dreading meeting my family. What have they landed me in? The day has arrived. I am leaving this western life behind. My uncle and auntie drop me off a at the airport terminal. I am alone with no one to help me, just like when I arrived. The only difference being I've got bigger problems to resolve. After all the waiting and searching I get onto the plane. It had all hit me for real now; in nine hours I will be meeting this stranger who is going to be my husband! all will be revealed when I step off this plane. The plane took off into the racing clouds, and then soared through them into blue. I can see green fields and red houses far below me, sliding out until they become the sea. I closed my eyes. Maybe I would never come back to England again. My whole life has changed into a nightmare within a blink of an eye. ...read more.

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