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It was the day of the party And Heinemann Usher was to celebrate his sixty-fifth birthday. His dining table was set with a rather extravagant bounty of exotic dishes

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An Account of Herself 1852 'Insanity' One would normally think of said term as a sense of delirium, lunacy and even dementia, however, the story you hold in your hands is of insanity, but this insanity is a type of which you could not have possibly imagined. As this insanity, unlike most others, does not delve into the mind, it delves into things we use everyday. Something you would not expect to turn on you; something that seems to have no power, but oh-how you will be surprised. During the whole of a dull, dark and soundless day in the Autumn of the year, when the clouds hung back and oppressively low in the heavens, she was passing alone, on horseback, through a singularly dreary tract of country. At length she found herself, as the shades of the evening drew on, within view of the melancholy House of Usher. 1840 It was the day of the party And Heinemann Usher was to celebrate his sixty-fifth birthday. His dining table was set with a rather extravagant bounty of exotic dishes. As all of his parties were exactly the same in the past, he thought he'd have a slight change to theme this year. However this had angered his wife, who some believed to delve into witchcraft, she hated change, also at that moment in time; she hated her husband. ...read more.


which were resting by her side, the smell wasn't a 'normal' smell either, it was the sort of smell one would recognise from hospitals, poor countries and wars, it was the smell of rotting flesh, the smell of death. 1840 Heinemann slammed shut the oak door, his wife was at the foot of the stairs, he knew she had been practicing her magic as her book was with her. What disappointed Heinemann was that his wife was lying dead on the floor. 1852 After a long while, Jane had decided that she was going to stay in the house, whatever it was that did not approve of her being there was to be faced by Jane's almighty full force- a few kitchen knives. She knew she hadn't much hope of survival but at least she was going to go out kicking. She bolted to the door, two kitchen knives in one hand; she put her hand on the knob, a sharp, ear-splitting shriek, a higher pitch of that of a bats squeak, erupted from the aged walls causing plaster to crash down on the well-trodden floor. Jane fell to the ground dropping her knives, she was left, vulnerable to attack. 1840 Heinemann looked around the basement for clues on which on which spell his wife had cast and how it could have, so violently, slaughtered her. Heinemann put his hand on his wife' book, the rooms colour contrast went from ash black to bright white and for a split second he saw an inhuman figure in the corner. ...read more.


Jane actually laughed to herself and she rapidly muttered to herself "yes I know what you are now!" Jane stared around the room, there was obviously somebody else there and she could hear their breathing. "Sense master come out now!" Jane bellowed, she then thought about it a bit more logically as there was no answer. Jane, more smoothly this time, whispered "Jane come out now" a figure stepped out from behind the shadows of a cold stone wall. It was Jane! Jane stared her replica in the face, she slowly pulled out a kitchen knife, so did her replica, Jane fiercely put it behind her back, so did the replica, it seemed like Jane was staring right into a mirror, but these two movements gave Jane enough knowledge of the sense master to know how to kill it. She typed a quick sentence into her pager and then hit send. Jane wasn't even surprised when the sense master did the same, it wouldn't matter the ambulance wouldn't rescue the dead body of the sense master, they wouldn't be able to see it. As quick as a flash, Jane thrust her rusty, sharp kitchen knife into her own gut, the replica did the same, Jane knew that the only way to kill the devastating creature was to kill herself; it was the only way, suicide. Sirens wailed outside the House of Usher. A girls body was being taken to hospital, not two bodies but one, she was going to make it and live ...read more.

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