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It was the first day back after thesummer holidays; I saw the sane familiar faces and a few new ones as well.

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It was the first day back after the summer holidays; I saw the sane familiar faces and a few new ones as well. " So good to be back", I thought. I waved at a few of my classmates and went up to my class. "Kerry, you alright, where have you been? You haven't even been in touch all summer you selfish cow," I said. " You know the situation at our house Tanya. I can't go out or phone anyone these days," said Kerry. How could I have forgotten? I was so busy with everything else around me that I didn't even think about others. Just a few months ago, Kerry's mum had died, she still hadn't gotten over it and her dad already had his new girlfriend moved in with him. Kerry was really upset over this and hardly talked to anyone but me her best friend. I'm Tanya Phillips, I'm really loud and chatty and so was Kerry before her mum died, now she hardly talks and is always feeling down. Mr. Thompson came in and gave us our timetable. "Ok everyone, welcome back, new term, new start. I want everyone trying really hard this year. ...read more.


I tried ringing her again, this time someone answered. " Hello, Kerry," I said "Tanya, I'm so glad it's you, but you shouldn't have phoned if Samantha finds out then she's going to beat me even more," said Kerry in a shook voice. "WHAT?" I said in shock. " That woman's been beating you, but why?". "Listen Tan, I gotta go she's coming," said Kerry in a frightened voice. She put the phone down. I couldn't believe what was happening. Did Kerry's dad know what was going on? How could Kerry keep quiet about this? Why didn't she tell me? All these questions were going around in my head. Next morning I didn't go to school, I went straight to Kerry's to find out some answers. I rang the doorbell, Kerry answered. "Tanya look please you have to go she'll be back any minute". Said Kerry. " No you let me in and explain to me what's going on, I mean come on Kerry you could have at least told me what was going on" I said. " Ok quick come in, but if Sam comes back you'll have to run out the back," said Kerry. "Alright what's going on, why didn't you say anything to me, you're supposed to be my friend," I told her. ...read more.


I started. "That is quite enough- I don't know what your on about missy, but I really think you should be on your way home" said Sam "I don't think so, dad look" said Kerry and showed him her leg. On there was a huge bruise with some cuts as well. " Here's the proof dad, that woman is only here for your money she's been beating me and I've been quiet about it because she threatened to hurt me even more, but I cant take it anymore". At this moment Sam just looked at her husband and said, " You don't believe this rubbish do you?" Mr. Smith looked at Sam and said, " I trusted you, you've been beating up my only child and of course I believe her what do you think. I want you out of this house with your things in the next 10 minutes or I'll call the police". " Look I'm really sorry for leaving you all that time alone" said Mr.Smith " please forgive me, and if there's anything you want to tell me just say it and Tania thank you". I felt so good for what I'd done. Finally Tania could be the way she was and hopefully forget about all this. What are friends for if they cant help their mates through hard times. ...read more.

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